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Not Negative.

Read Daring Fireball without pointed & negative commentary.


Available on the Google Chrome Store.
Install from the Google Chrome store.

(Version 1.0.6. Works surprisingly well!)


It's a dilemma: you have to read Daring Fireball, even if the links that day are snarky. You won't know what's happening in the Apple tech scene without it. The tweets from Wil Shipley or Craig Hockenberry won't make sense without it, because everyone just assumes you read Daring Fireball.

John Gruber is a brilliant curator, but he can also be opinionated. Sometimes you want the curation without the commentary. Maybe you don't care about his politics or which baseball team he supports, and you're tired of people being called out for “claim chowder”.

If that sounds like you, then this is the Google Chrome extension for you. It strips out all of Gruber's personal commentary from the front page of, leaving only the links and any quoted text. Any stories about "claim chowder", Democrats & Republicans, Kubrick & James Bond... that all disappears too. It's tech news without the negativity. (Of course, all the ads are still included.)

As for the name? Yeah, I remember when Steve Jobs said Gruber was “Insightful & Not Negative” too.

Inspired by Shutup.css by Steven Frank and Ricky Romero, a great extension to use if inane comments on the web annoy you.

If you like this, you'll probably like Comic Fireball and maybe Daring Fireball With Comments too.

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