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    If you imagine the Agree to Disagree team as the three bears, Kohan would be the middle one.

    He was a regular X-Files viewer for seasons one and two, then gave up on season three and never watched again. This was followed by a vow never to see the X-Files movie - something which didn't help him follow the plot of The Beginning, despite Matt's descriptions of "ufo-shaped holes in the ice."

    Kohan's the "musician" of the group (his inverted commas, not ours). His dabblings in electronic music paved the way for the group namesuppressed.

    Sadly (or perhaps good news depending on your perspective) Kohan's time is shared between his music, his own website, and his studies - he's a computer science student at UWA, in Perth.

that would be you.. Seeing how Kohan obviously doesn't always answer the phone, your best bet is to email him.

And that way you can make all sorts of bad jokes.

You can even say that answering the phone rocks. Not just kicks, but rocks.

And point out that you settle for nothing less than Pepsi Max.

Either way, he's at

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 ©1999 Simon Wright (legal info)

This was my bio on, an X-Files website run by Simon Wright. It started as an "X-Files Alphabet Book", but evolved into one of the most popular X-Files sites on the web in the late 90s. This page is from May 1999.

I only had a small role on the website, lending my voice to weekly MP3 reviews of X-Files episodes recorded with Simon Wright and Matt Parker. Nowadays you'd call them "podcasts", except we were doing this 2 years before the first iPod was invented.

Sadly the site is no more, which is why I have archived this page here.

The photography & web design here is all by Simon Wright.

- Kohan Ikin, December 2006