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Introducing WebScriber - a PHP web interface for managing ezMLM mailing list subscriptions. WebScriber makes it easy to subscribe: just type your email address, click a link in the confirmation email, and it's done!

WebScriber lets your subscribers control their subscriptions directly from your website, so you're always using the most up-to-date lists. You can completely customize WebScriber to suit the look of your site, and change the email messages to suit your audience.

With so many features to explore, it's best to try them all for yourself. Test the evaluation version on your own web server, or experiment by subscribing to namesuppressed's own mailing lists. Ready to buy? Choose from the purchasing options below.

New in version 1.18

  • Single Opt-Out option allows your subscribers to unsubscribe in one step - no annoying confirmation links, no complaints. Now works from external unsubscribe forms elsewhere on your site too.
  • Email address blocking lets you block serial pests from subscribing to your lists
  • Email domain blocking for problematic domains - AOL users accidentally reporting your emails as spam? Now you can prevent them subscribing in the first place.
  • Corrects some issues customers have had with sending email via SMTP.
  • Fixes for subscribing/unsubscribing via external PHP scripts
  • Updated WebScriber MailForm for registered customers

See for yourself why WebScriber is being used by universities, medical departments, political groups, software developers, awareness & advocacy groups, non-profit organizations and leading magazines.

System Requirements

  • A web server account that can run PHP scripts
  • PHP 4.2.3 or PHP 5.2.4 or later
  • ezMLM 0.5.3
  • Windows or Linux based system (may also work on other platforms, known to work with Solaris)
  • CGI-BIN access if PHP is running in Safe Mode

Not sure if you meet these requirements? Ask the system administrator of your website!

Why use WebScriber?

  • More subscribers, more often.
    WebScriber makes it so easy to subscribe to a list, more of your site visitors will complete the subscription process. Already, WebScriber customers have been reporting increased subscriptions compared with the standard ezMLM methods.
  • Keep your lists highly targeted.
    WebScriber uses a Confirmed Opt-in system that requires everyone subscribing to your lists to confirm they want to receive your messages. This weeds out the people who might not really want your emails, or are less likely to purchase your products.
  • Less support hassles.
    You'll receive fewer (if any) complaints using WebScriber, because it ensures everyone on your lists has agreed to receive your messages. If they change their mind, WebScriber makes it just as easy to unsubscribe. No more "please take me off your list" emails!
  • Maintain your site's branding.
    You can completely customize the look of WebScriber by using its built-in HTML template system - and you won't have to modify the script code to do it! You can even modify the email confirmation messages that WebScriber sends to your visitors.

WebScriber features...

  • Confirmed Opt-in Subscription System
    Prevents subscribers from being spammed, while also protecting list managers from false spam complaints. WebScriber aims to comply with email best practices, such as those suggested at the MAPS Basic Mailing List Management Principles for Preventing Abuse.
  • One-Click Confirmation
    Subscribers can modify multiple mailing list subscriptions at once, and confirm all the changes by clicking a single URL in a single confirmation email.
  • HTML & Email Templates
    Completely change the look of the subscription manager to suit your website, alter the email confirmation messages to suit your audience, all using an easy to use template system.
  • Bulk Subscriptions
    Subscribe several people to your lists at once and generate confirmation emails for all of them. Perfect for those who subscribe by postal mail or telephone, or for converting previously unconfirmed lists to Confirmed Opt-In status.
  • Private / Hidden Lists
    Prevent the whole world from subscribing to your confidential email lists, while still allowing list members to unsubscribe themselves from your website.
  • Auditing
    WebScriber records logs of every action that is confirmed, including the IP address and web browser Useragent details of the person who makes the request.
  • Full PHP Source Code
    If you'd like to change how WebScriber works, you can edit the source code yourself to suit your needs.
  • ... and much more...


Standard License - $69.95
The Standard License lets you install WebScriber on a single website. It also allows you to install WebScriber on an unlimited number of websites that you manage for non-profit organizations. If you design or manage sites for commercial clients, or if you want to use WebScriber on more than one site, you'll want the Commercial License below.
Purchase the Standard Webscriber License

Commercial License - $149.95
This license is aimed at web designers who develop sites for several clients, or people who manage multiple commercial websites. For a single once-only fee, you can use the current version of WebScriber on as many of your clients sites as you like, for as long as they use your services. (If your clients are all non-profit organizations, you might prefer the cheaper Standard License above.)
Purchase the Commercial Webscriber License


If you're having problems with WebScriber, please look for your question on the namesuppressed Support pages in case a solution is already available for your problem.

If you're still having problems running or installing WebScriber, please send me an email! I'm eager to help with your support enquiries and get you up and running as quickly as possible.