How To Install Photoshop Plugins in Paint.NET

namesuppressed's plugins work with Paint.NET, a free image editor program for Windows. This tutorial shows you how to get Photoshop plugins working with Paint.NET v3.5 and v4.

What you'll need

Before you can use Photoshop plugins with Paint.NET, you need to download and install the “PSFilterPdn PSFilterShim”:

You'll also need some Photoshop plugin effects to play with too.

How to install the PSFilterPdn PSFilterShim

  1. Find the zip file you downloaded above called When you find the file, double click on it to open the zip file and find a folder with two files in it:

    The two files and psfiltershim.exe are in the zip file.

  2. You need to copy these two files (PSFilterPdn.DLL and PSFilterShim.exe) into the Paint.NET effects folder. If you downloaded & installed Paint.NET from their website, copy those files into C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\. If you got Paint.NET from the Microsoft Store, copy them into the Documents\ App Files\Effects folder instead.
  3. You can get to your C: (Local Drive) from the My Computer link in the Start Menu:

    The location of the My Computer link in the Windows XP Start Menu.

    And copy the two files into the Effects folder below:

    The location of the Effects folder in Paint.NET installations.

  4. All done. The next time you start Paint.Net, you should see an “8BF Filter...” command at the bottom of your Effects menu. This is what you click on to start Photoshop plugin effects.

    Where the 8BF Filter menu option appears in Paint.NET.

Setting up Photoshop Plugins in Paint.NET

  1. Once PSFilterPdn is installed, you need to tell it where to find the Photoshop plugins installed on your computer. Click on the Effects -> 8bf Filter menu in Paint.NET:

    The Paint.NET 8BF Filter interface window
  2. Click on the Search Directories tab at the top of the window, and then click Add... to launch the Browse For Folder window. You then need to add all the folder / directories where you have Photoshop plugins installed. For namesuppressed plugins, start by adding C:\Program Files\namesuppressed\ and making sure that Search Subdirectories is checked.

    The browse for folder window in the 8BF Filter of Paint.NET.
  3. Now click on the Filters tab again at the top of the window. You should see all your Photoshop plugins listed.

Running Photoshop Plugins in Paint.NET

  1. When you want to use a plugin, first load an image file, then click on the Effects -> 8bf Filter menu in Paint.NET:

    The 8BF Filter menu item is at the bottom of the Effects Menu.
  2. Make sure the Filters tab is selected. Then click on the effect plugin you want to use, and click the Run Filter button. The plugin interface should now appear.

    A list of filters in the Paint.NET 8BF Filter window

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