Simple Tools.

New Photo Editor.
15 Essential Photo Effects.
All For Just $20.

  • Loads up to 10x faster than other photo editors
  • Resize, rotate & zoom photos easily.
  • Blurs, waves, reflect, colorize, & much more.
  • Effects also work as Photoshop Plugins in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfanview & more.
  • And it's just $20.
The namesuppressed Photo Editor interface

Windows 32-bit: 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Comes With 15 Essential Effects, Including...

Motion Blur Reflect Colorize Wave Pixelate
Greyscale Inverse Noise Gaussian Blur Median
Contrast Saturation Threshold Gamma Flip

Simple Tools: Wave.

Wave Example 1   Wave Example 2   Wave Example 3  

Simple Tools: Median.

What if you could emphasize light or dark colors, while still keeping Median's painterly effect?

Median Example 1   Median Example 2   Median Example 3  

Simple Tools: Greyscale.

What if you could have more control over the Greyscale effect?

Greyscale Example 1   Greyscale Example 2   Greyscale Example 3  

What if Photo Editing was fast & fun again?

The included namesuppressed Photo Editor is designed for those times when you need to quickly view an image or make a quick adjustment. It loads in seconds, up to 10x faster than the big, bloated, brand-name photo editors (you know the ones we mean!) It's specially designed to work with namesuppressed Plugins, and we've kept it to the bare essentials. It won't replace your everyday photo editor, but if you just need to resize / rotate / adjust an image, the namesuppressed Photo Editor will give you the fastest image editing experience that we can. We've been working on this one for a while... we really hope you like it.

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