NS Newsletter 002: 26 August 1997


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 2

                           August 26th 1997

[this issue]  

         *  what went wrong
         *  music samples available
         *  ordering stuff
         *  next newsletter

[what went wrong]

after a disastrous start, the namesuppressed newsletter is back and
hopefully slightly more stable.  as you may have noticed, the ascii
artwork has disappeared, as it caused numerous problems in the last
mailout.  what the problem appears to have been is that the email is
processed by either the computers at Geocities or by Claris Emailer,
my email program.  Either way, it looks like any email wider than 70
columns is not going to make it to its destination in quite the same
shape as when I mailed it.

if anyone wants to design any ascii art for this newsletter feel free,
but it looks likely this will become a text only newsletter (which
will appeal to those who hate ascii art).  once again, I apologise for
the waste of bandwidth last month in mailing out the newsletter again
- hopefully, at least one of them worked for you.

[music samples available]

finally, I have got together some samples from the album which you can
now listen to over the internet.  to hear the samples, simply go to
the namesuppressed website (the address is below), click on the
downloads link and click on the little "wav" graphic next to the title
of the song you want to listen to.

at the moment there are samples from two songs - "Endless Green" and
"Hockey Mad".  both are about 30 seconds long and give a reasonably
accurate idea of what the album is like.

i'm still working on making entire songs available in S3M format (for
those who haven't heard of S3M, basically this will mean that you'll
be able to listen to an entire song from the album, except without the
vocals).  in preparation for when they're ready, a list of S3M player
programs is on the downloads page, so you can get a program for your
computer (programs are available for MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh and
Amiga at the moment).  they haven't all been tested yet, so any
comments would be appreciated.

[ordering stuff]

if you're wanting to buy a copy of "Rubicon", you really should place
your order quickly - because, while there are still 50 copies
available, 30 of these have been pre-booked, meaning there are only
20 copies left!

as I probably mentioned in the last newsletter, all profit from the
sale of "Rubicon" will go to aid the "Protect Australian Wildlife"
fund and the "West Australian Epilepsy Association".

Australian Orders

1 copy of "Rubicon"                                  $8 Australian 
2 copies of "Rubicon"                               $14 Australian

prices above are applicable for all locations in Australia.

International Orders

Sea Mail prices
1 tape anywhere in the world                        $11 Australian 
2 tapes anywhere in the world                       $20 Australian 

Air Mail prices (1 tape only)
China, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand                $12 Australian 
Canada, USA                                         $13 Australian 
Finland, France, Norway, United Kingdom             $14 Australian 

for prices for any countries not listed, send an an email to the
address at the end of this newsletter.

Please Note: sending cash notes through the post is not encouraged
and is not legal in Australia, and anyway, the only notes that an
Australian could make use of would be Australian Dollars or US

there are two other methods of payment:

a cheque or money order for Australian Dollars, or bank cheque in your
own currency.  if paying by bank cheque in any currency other than
Australian Dollars, you must add an extra $10 Australian to cover
bank fees that I will have to pay.

are you interested in buying a copy?  if so, send an email to
kohanikin@geocities.com and I'll give you the details of where to send
your cheques to.

[next newsletter]

if you read the info at the end of this newsletter, you'll know that
the newsletter comes out "whenever it is ready - at most monthly".  as
i've got some important exams coming up in a matter of weeks the next
newsletter could be a bit of time coming (i don't expect that will
disappoint too many people, but anyway...)

just because the website doesn't change and there's no newsletter in
your email box doesn't mean that namesuppressed is dead - far from it.
there are still lots of songs almost ready to be released on the site,
so hang in there.  namesuppressed will be back before you know it...

                        .no colour no horizon.

------------------------------------------------------  namesuppressed

   the namesuppressed newsletter is the official newsletter of the
namesuppressed fanclub (surprisingly enough).  it is released whenever
  it is ready - at most monthly.  to unsubscribe to the newsletter,
simply send email to kohanikin@geocities.com with the body containing
    removed from the list.  for any further information to do with
 namesuppressed, simply contact kohanikin@geocities.com and I'll get
                  back to you as soon as possible.


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