NS Newsletter 003: 31 January 1998


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 3

                          january 31st 1998

[this issue]  

         *  remember me?
         *  the first single
         *  realaudio excerpts
         *  the new songs
         *  ordering stuff
         *  listener's comments

[remember me?]

for those of you who are thinking "oh no, not more junk email" as you
read this, i would like to remind you that you actually signed up for
this newsletter on my website, probably a few months ago.  the last
issue came out sometime in august 1997.

so, what happpened?  well, i kinda decided that i should spend some
more time studying for my final high school exams.  i kept promising
myself that i would update the website and mail out the newsletter,
but i just never got around to it.  also, the addition of RealAudio
to the namesuppressed site has taken a long time to prepare.
but now i'm back (whether that's a good or bad thing i'll leave up to
you to decide).

in case you have forgotten, namesuppressed is an electronic music
group, with all music, lyrics and (unfortunately) vocals by Kohan
"SyneRyder" Ikin.  so far namesuppressed has released a cassette album
called "Rubicon" which is available by direct mail order.  you can
visit namesuppressed by going to http://bounce.to/namesuppressed/

now that you (hopefully) remember what namesuppressed is, on with
the newsletter.

[the first single]

the first track from the "Rubicon" album is available now for download
from the namesuppressed website (see address below).  "Today, In
Unison" is an unusual track, featuring a semi-ambient intro, leading
into a mix of grunge and pop as it moves on.  the basic theme of the
song is unity, and the importance of sticking together and having the
faith to stand by what you do.  the lyrics are already up on the
website, although the vocals are not included on the version
available for download at the moment.  for the full song, you'll
either have to buy a copy of the album or wait for the MP3 internet
version (and be warned, you could be waiting a long time).

[realaudio excerpts]

finally, after months and months of working on it, RealAudio samples
are finally available for download on the website.  each clip lasts
1 minute (despite being only 100KB) and includes vocals, giving an
accurate indication of what the album "Rubicon" is like.  it's worth
a listen - these excerpts are some of the best quality RealAudio
samples you will ever hear over a modem connection.

feel free to make comments about the excerpts (whether positive or
negative, I don't mind).  I will pick some of my favourite comments
to appear in a later issue of the newsletter (and not necessarily
all the good ones either).

[the new songs]

to answer the question that so many of you have been asking - yes,
there are new songs on the way.  besides uploading songs from Rubicon
to the website, there is also one song still to come that will be
available only over the internet.  this track was intended to appear
as a hidden track on Rubicon, but unfortunately it wasn't ready in
time for the final tape duplication.  the track is called "20 seconds"
and lasts for almost as long (although some people have said that it
is still one of the best namesuppressed tracks to date).

as for any other new songs, i'm not saying anything... yet.

[ordering stuff]

                             Australian Orders

     1 copy of "Rubicon"                            $8 Australian 
     2 copies of "Rubicon"                         $14 Australian

     prices above include postage for all locations in Australia.

                           International Orders

                             Sea Mail prices
     1 tape anywhere in the world                  $11 Australian 
     2 tapes anywhere in the world                 $20 Australian 

                       Air Mail prices (1 tape only)
     China, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand          $12 Australian 
     Canada, USA                                   $13 Australian 
     Finland, France, Norway, United Kingdom       $14 Australian 

     for prices for any countries not listed, send an an email to

Please Note: sending cash notes through the post is not encouraged and
is not legal in Australia, and anyway, the only notes that an
Australian could make use of would be Australian or US Dollars.

there are two other methods of payment:

a cheque or money order for Australian Dollars, or bank cheque in your
own currency.  if paying by bank cheque in any currency other than
Australian Dollars, you must add an extra $10 Australian to cover bank
fees that I will have to pay.

are you interested in buying a copy?  if so, send an email to
kohanikin@geocities.com and i'll give you the details of where to send
your cheques to, (and whether there are any copies left).  Hurry,
before they all sell out!

[listener's comments]

this is a brand new section of the newsletter that I hope will appear
in every issue.  i will list here various comments that i have received
from people who have either bought copies of Rubicon or listened to
one of the excerpts/songs available on the website.  to start off, here
are some comments on the songs from people who bought Rubicon on its
release on June 23rd, 1997:

       "Confronting."                     -  my Mum
       "The cover looks good."            -  that tall guy
       "Is it meant to sound like that?"  -  kid with curly hair

                         .disinfectant youth.

------------------------------------------------------  namesuppressed

   the namesuppressed newsletter is the official newsletter of the
namesuppressed fanclub (surprisingly enough).  it is released whenever
  it is ready - at most monthly.  to unsubscribe to the newsletter,
simply send email to kohanikin@geocities.com with the body containing
    removed from the list.  for any further information to do with
 namesuppressed, simply contact kohanikin@geocities.com and I'll get
                   back to you as soon as possible.


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