NS Newsletter 004: 30 June 1998


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 4

                            june 30th 1998

[this issue]  

         *  late again
         *  yay, more downloads!
         *  studio upgrade plans
         *  a plug for a new indie CD
         *  free advertising... please??
         *  ordering stuff
         *  listener's comments (sort of)

[late again]

as usual, the namesuppressed newsletter has come out much later than
I had hoped, which can be attributed partially to the fact that my
monitor blew up recently.  if you're interested in the full story,
my web site at http://bounce.to/SyneRyder/ has all the details.

[yay, more downloads!]

it's that time of the year again, time to update the namesuppressed
website, start writing up the newsletter and select another song from
Rubicon to release to the world.

this time i've chosen one of my own favourite tracks from Rubicon, a
very unsubtle grunge/rock track called "Wake In A Fit Of Nanga
Tourette's".  unfortunately the current net version doesn't feature
the vocals from the album track, so you won't get to hear the offkey
screaming vocals... but perhaps that's a good thing.  (incidentally,
for those of you who are interested in reading the lyrics to the song
they're already online on the namesuppressed website).

Wake In A Fit Of Nanga Tourette's is getting to be quite an old track
now, dating back to 1995.  it was written for a school camp, and was
intended to be a parody of camp life in general, with a few personal
attacks at some of the teachers present.  it has been quite popular,
and was included on the Rubicon album only because I had so many
people asking for it (the song, that is).

[studio upgrade plans]

work on production for the potential new namesuppressed CD has been
halted recently as I look to upgrading my "studio" (more commonly
known as a bedroom with a 486 PC and a couple of Prodigy posters).

for those interested in the technical bits, i'm looking to upgrade
my soundcard from an old Gravis Ultrasound Classic with 256KB of RAM
to a GUS Max with 1MB.  (i'm having a bit of trouble tracking down
extra GUS Classic and GUS Max RAM, so if anyone knows of any
computer dealers who could order some in for me could you *please*
let me know??)

so what does this mean for you guys?  well, perhaps the most direct
result of this is that i'll be able to record some more songs from
the album and some old/rare tracks, which I will then release as MP3's
(CD quality sound files) onto the website.  the studio upgrade will
also let me use more instruments in my songs, and at a much higher
sound quality.  finally, it opens the way for me to release songs on
CD instead of just on cassette.

in the meantime, i guess you guys will just have to live on a diet of
old Rubicon tracks from the cassette and on the website... :(

[a plug for a new indie CD]

finally, my chance to promote one of my favourite local bands...

i've recently been in contact with a damn cool industrial/techno band
called Vellocet (from Perth, Australia).  they're a rather strange
group, and they don't just stick to the one style of music (although
most of it is techno of one kind or another).  after doing gigs around
town for a few months they've finally brought out their first album,
imaginitively titled "Demo-One".  Many of their best songs are
featured on the album, from the seriously dark opener "Virus" and the
techno brilliance of "Tracer" and "Glimmer", right through to the
light hearted humour of "You Don't Beat Me Hard Anymore" and "I Wanna
Blow Up Third World Countries".

check out their website at http://www.cs.uwa.edu.au/~skot/vellocet/
where they have quite a few MP3 samples from their album for you to
listen to.  the CDs are available directly from the band for approx.
$8 Australian plus postage and handling.  for more information you
can send an email to skot@cs.uwa.edu.au.  don't be put off by the
scary photo of the band on the front page of their site...

[free advertising... please??]

it's time to be honest - the namesuppressed site does not attract a
lot of traffic.  it has been doing reasonably well considering that i
haven't ever really promoted the site, but I think now is the time to
change all of that.

i've designed a couple of banner ads which I hope may attract some
more visitors - now all I need is to find somewhere to display them.
this is where you guys come in - I would appreciate it if those of you
with a website could add a link to the namesuppressed site from your
page.  (naturally you're under no obligation to do so, but you will
receive my eternal gratitude if you do).  in return i will place a
link to your website on my own personal "SyneRyder" links page (which
receives nearly as much traffic as the namesuppressed page itself!!).

the two banner ads can be viewed at:

if you're not sure how to put a link on your website, here is some
sample code which you can include on your page:

<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/3573/nsindex.html">
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/3573/nsad01.jpg"
ALT="Offkey singing at its best."
WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom></A><BR>
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/3573/nsindex.html">
Rubicon - the new album by namesuppressed</A></FONT></CENTER></P>

feel free to change the above code to suit the design of your website
or to display either (or neither) of the banner ads.  if you want to
design your own banner ad for namesuppressed please let me know!  i'd
love to see the results.

[ordering stuff]

                             Australian Orders

     1 copy of "Rubicon"                            $8 Australian 
     2 copies of "Rubicon"                         $14 Australian

     prices above include postage for all locations in Australia.

                           International Orders

                             Sea Mail prices
     1 tape anywhere in the world                  $11 Australian 
     2 tapes anywhere in the world                 $20 Australian 

                       Air Mail prices (1 tape only)
     China, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand          $12 Australian 
     Canada, USA                                   $13 Australian 
     Finland, France, Norway, United Kingdom       $14 Australian 

       for prices for any countries not listed, send an email to

Please Note: sending cash notes through the post is not encouraged and
is not legal in Australia, and anyway, the only notes that an
Australian could make use of would be Australian or US Dollars.

there are two other methods of payment:

a cheque or money order for Australian Dollars, or bank cheque in your
own currency.  if paying by bank cheque in any currency other than
Australian Dollars, you must add an extra $10 Australian to cover bank
fees that I will have to pay.

are you interested in buying a copy?  if so, send an email to
kohanikin@geocities.com and i'll give you the details of where to send
your cheques to, (and whether there are any copies left).  Hurry,
before they all sell out!

[listener's comments]

well, i said last issue that i wanted this to become a regular part of
this newsletter.  i still want to do that, but not a single one of you
have made any comments on the songs on the website or on the album!

come on, give me a break!  go to the website, listen to the songs
and come up with the funniest comment you can (positive or negative,
i really don't mind).  i'll print the best comment in the next
newsletter (along with your name, if you *really* want... :)

                         .disinfectant youth.

------------------------------------------------------  namesuppressed

   the namesuppressed newsletter is the official newsletter of the
namesuppressed fanclub (surprisingly enough).  it is released whenever
  it is ready - approx bi-monthly.  to unsubscribe to the newsletter,
simply send email to kohanikin@geocities.com with the body containing
    removed from the list.  for any further information to do with
 namesuppressed, simply contact kohanikin@geocities.com and I'll get
                   back to you as soon as possible.


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