NS Newsletter 005: 14 July 1998


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 5

                            july 14th 1998

[this issue]  

         *  the songs are there, honest...
         *  full length RealAudio songs online
         *  mp3s on the way
         *  listener's comments
         *  ordering stuff

[the songs are there, honest...]

i've fixed the links on the namesuppressed pages for those of you
who were trying to download Wake In A Fit Of Nanga Tourette's from
the web site.  apparently i'd uploaded the file under an incorrect
name - thanks to Jaws on #trax for pointing that one out to me.

[full length RealAudio songs online]

the full length RealAudio version of Endless Green is now online,
and you should now be able to listen to the song as it streams to
your computer instead of having to wait until the whole song is
downloaded.  please let me know if it works for you - many of the
"improvements" i've made to the site in the past haven't worked
straight away, and i've had to rely on comments from others to
determine if it's working or not.

the full length RealAudio version of Hockey Mad is on its way, and
will be ready at approximately the same time as the MP3 version
(see below for more details).

[mp3s on the way]

the mp3 files that i've been promising for ages are *finally* on
their way.  the full length, full quality mp3 version of Endless
Green is currently sitting on my harddrive ready to be uploaded.
i will be working on encoding Hockey Mad as an mp3 in the near
future, once I can get some more of my other work out of the way
(such as encoding some rare Jebediah acoustic tracks as mp3s...)

[listener's comments]

aarrrgghh, hell...  i *did* have some comments from listeners for this
newsletter, but i lost the text file that i'd typed them all in, so
i'll have to work from memory :(  one person had listened to Today In
Unison and Wake In A Fit Of Nanga Tourette's and said that they were
"Not that bad... I like it".  there was also someone else who
described the album Rubicon as "Heavily synchronised" - whether that's
a good thing or a bad thing i'll leave up to you to decide...

please, someone send me some feedback for the next newsletter,
preferably by email so that there's no chance of me losing the file
with the comments in them again!!  remember, the weirder the comments
the better.  send 'em in to kohanikin@geocities.com

[ordering stuff]

                             Australian Orders

     1 copy of "Rubicon"                            $8 Australian 
     2 copies of "Rubicon"                         $14 Australian

     prices above include postage for all locations in Australia.

                           International Orders

                             Sea Mail prices
     1 tape anywhere in the world                  $11 Australian 
     2 tapes anywhere in the world                 $20 Australian 

                       Air Mail prices (1 tape only)
     China, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand          $12 Australian 
     Canada, USA                                   $13 Australian 
     Finland, France, Norway, United Kingdom       $14 Australian 

       for prices for any countries not listed, send an email to

Please Note: sending cash notes through the post is not encouraged and
is not legal in Australia, and anyway, the only notes that an
Australian could make use of would be Australian or US Dollars.

there are two other methods of payment:

a cheque or money order for Australian Dollars, or bank cheque in your
own currency.  if paying by bank cheque in any currency other than
Australian Dollars, you must add an extra $10 Australian to cover bank
fees that I will have to pay.

are you interested in buying a copy?  if so, send an email to
kohanikin@geocities.com and i'll give you the details of where to send
your cheques to, (and whether there are any copies left).  Hurry,
before they all sell out!

                         .silhouette horizon.

------------------------------------------------------  namesuppressed

   the namesuppressed newsletter is the official newsletter of the
namesuppressed fanclub (surprisingly enough).  it is released whenever
  it is ready - approx bi-monthly.  to unsubscribe to the newsletter,
simply send email to kohanikin@geocities.com with the body containing
    removed from the list.  for any further information to do with
 namesuppressed, simply contact kohanikin@geocities.com and I'll get
                   back to you as soon as possible.


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