NS Newsletter 007: 9 September 1999


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 7

                           september 9th 1999

[this issue]

      *  namesuppressed hits rave top 10
      *  interstellar harmony cd
      *  anyone know dj nitrous?
      *  hyperkarma released today
      *  listener's comments
      *  rubicon ordering stuff

[namesuppressed hits rave top 10]

it's been an exciting last couple of weeks for namesuppressed.  on
august 23rd, the online music distribution site "trax in space"
accepted syneryder (aka namesuppressed) into their 100 club.  on the
strength of this, the track "get down and rave: sell your soul mix"
entered the trax in space rave top 50 charts at #46.  over the last
couple of weeks the track has gained more exposure and climbed the
rave charts, reaching the #6 position on september 5th.

the success of the track has been a big surprise.  it was originally
intended to be a remix of the dj nitrous track "get down and rave",
but was rewritten several times and evolved into something very
different from the original.  the end result is a blend of rave and
gabber, mixing electronics with chorused pianos.  the namesuppressed
version was released in late 1998 under the pseudonym "syneryder".

the webpage addresses for downloading the song and viewing the top 50
rave charts are too long to be printed here.  however, you can follow
the links from the front page of the syneryder website.

    trax in space:    http://www.traxinspace.com/
    syneryder:        https://www.namesuppressed.com/syneryder/

[interstellar harmony cd]

namesuppressed was recently featured on the trax in space cd
"interstellar harmony: volume one".  the track "get down and rave:
sell your soul mix" was included along with an interview with
syneryder/namesuppressed on the data section of the cd-rom.

"interstellar harmony" features tracks from many other undiscovered
demoscene artists, as well as audio tracks from some of the best scene
musicians around.  the audio section includes music from bjorn "dr.
awesome" lynne (composer for team 17 software), hunz (lead singer of
the band "beanbag") and skaven (musician from the hit demoscene group
"future crew").

all money made from sales of the CD helps keep trax in space online.

    ordering & info:  http://www.traxinspace.com/

[anyone know dj nitrous?]

i've recently been looking for the website of dj nitrous, who wrote a
number of hardcore/hydrocore techno tracks and released them online at
www.djna.ml.org during 1998.  now that monolith internet services has
closed down, the site has disappeared.  i was hoping to link to his
new page and his original version of "get down and rave"... does
anyone know where i can find it?

[hyperkarma released today]

9/9/99 marks the release of the new blacknotgreen album "hyperkarma"
through the layer3recordings label.  blacknotgreen is currently my
favourite unsigned band, with a style that is a unique blend of
grunge, drum n bass, pop/rock and ambient dance.  their last album
"broken window theory" was demo of the month in "the mix", "sound on
sound" and "total guitar" magazines.

"hyperkarma" is being released on the internet for free in MP3 format
(as well as on CD).  to download the album you need to register on
the record label website first.  copies are limited to the first 999
people only, so you'll need to be quick.

    layer3recordings:  http://www.l3r.com/
    hyperkarma:        http://www.l3r.com/hyperkarma/

[listener's comments]

considering how much of this issue has been devoted to the syneryder
version of "get down and rave", it seems only fair that we print some
of the comments that roncli made in his review of it last year:

   Artistic Licence:  8/10
     A good sound for this type of music.  Definitely a change
     from the normal in this genre.

   Arrangement:       8/10
     A rave, almost of gabber essence at times, put together
     nicely.  Not extremely repetative at all.  The piano
     part is an excellent lull in the music.  A nice
     composition, changing up often enough to be interesting
     through to the end.

   Creativity:        8/10
     Haven't heard a rave quite like this before.  There are
     definite good points to the song as you listen to it.

   Sample Quality:    7/10
     It sounded as if there was noise in some of the samples,
     but otherwise, the samples were nice.

      Well put together with an excellent sound.  Nicely
      done!  Just need to clean up one or two samples.

      A rave that keeps you interested in it, something not
      heard of too often!  An excellent composition and well
      timed vocal samples put this one ahead of the scene.

                 - from roncli's review at www.traxinspace.com

please feel free to send in your feedback on any namesuppressed songs
for the next newsletter.  remember, the weirder the comments the
better.  send 'em in to feedback@namesuppressed.com.

[rubicon ordering stuff]

don't forget that there's still a few copies of the first
namesuppressed album "rubicon" available.  rubicon features some of
namesuppressed's most popular songs, including endless green, hockey
mad and wake in a fit of nanga tourette's.

prices are $8 per cassette for australian customers, and between
$11-$14 for overseas customers (approx $7 - $9 in US dollars).  all
prices include postage.  there are discounts for buying extra copies.

if you might be interested in buying a copy, send an email to
sales@namesuppressed.com, and we'll send you further details.

                  .samsonite kryptonite antisocialite.

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