NS Newsletter 008: 4 December 1999


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 8

                          december 4th 1999

[this issue]

      *  antisocialite mp3 track demo
      *  website survey / win a hyperkarma cd
      *  it sample plugin for cool edit
      *  we've found dj nitrous
      *  listener's comments
      *  rubicon ordering stuff

[antisocialite mp3 track demo]

"antisocialite" is a track I've been writing on and off for the last
year or so.  the music has been finished for a while but I haven't had
much opportunity to record vocals.  events during the last week gave
me inspiration to try recording more vocals, and the resulting track
sounds grittier, angrier and quite dark.

an mp3 demo of "antisocialite" is now online, even though it is still
a work in progress.  the final album version will probably include
some extra (better?) vocals and a more professional sound mix.

there are a few parts in the track that I'd like to clean up, and I'm
waiting for the first comments from people online.  so if there's part
of the song that you think could be better written, or even if you
think the song is perfect (yeah right!), please send me your comments!

   antisocialite:    namesuppressed.com/mp3s/nsantisocialdemo2.mp3
   send comments:    feedback@namesuppressed.com

[website surveys / win a hyperkarma cd]

i've been working on and off for the last few months on designing
the new namesuppressed website.  it's not going so well, so now I'm
asking for your help.  i've put online all the mock-up site designs
that we've come up with so far - all you have to do is visit them and
fill out a quick survey at the end of the page.

    [Survey for email subscribers only! Sorry!]

in return for filling out the survey, i'm giving away a copy of the
new Black Not Green album "Hyperkarma" to one lucky winner.  all you
have to do is fill in your email address when you submit your survey
details.  you have an extra chance of winning for each survey you
fill out!  duplicate votes for each survey will be discarded, so don't
think you can win by filling out the same survey 300 times!

entries *will* close on December 31st, the winner will be announced in
the next namesuppressed newsletter, which will hopefully arrive in the
middle of January.  the winner will be notified personally via email
at the close of the competition.  (of course, that's all assuming that
the year 2000 doesn't bring the world to an early apocalyptic end....)

   survey/compo:     [Survey for email subscribers only! Sorry!]
   cd review:        https://www.namesuppressed.com/syneryder/
   hyperkarma:       http://www.blacknotgreen.com/

[it sample plugin for cool edit]

over the last month I've written a plugin for the windows95 audio
program cool edit 96.  the plugin enables cool edit to load and save
impulse tracker sample files directly, including editing loop points
>from within cool edit.  impulse tracker is the music program used to
write most of namesuppressed's tracks, and i know many people on this
list also use it to produce their own music.

the shareware version of the plugin that is currently online is fully
functional, but does have an annoying message that appears when you
load and save files.... more incentive to register your shareware?

   download from:    https://www.namesuppressed.com/syneryder/
   more info:        syneryder@namesuppressed.com

[we've found dj nitrous]

in the last newsletter i asked if anyone knew what had happened to dj
nitrous, who wrote the original track "get down and rave" that
inspired the namesuppressed re-version.  it turns out that dj nitrous
himself is on this mailing list, so i can now give you the url for the
new djna records website.

you might also like to download "get down and rave" from his website
and compare it to the namesuppressed version, or check out any of
his other XM tracks online.

   dj nitrous:       www.nw.com.au/~davidb/djna
   original GDAR:    www.nw.com.au/~davidb/djna/songs/getdown.zip

[listener's comments]

some strong opinions this month... it looks like "today, in unison"
isn't quite as popular as it once was!  this month's prize comment:

   "I just have listened to your song Today, In Unison and
    found it unprofessional, primitive and uninteresting.
    Maybe you should try something else but not making music?"

at least he was honest!  (maybe too honest?)  he seemed to change his
opinion after listening to the remix of "get down and rave" though:

   "I downloaded Get Down And Rave and my congratulations!
    it's better than Unison."

please feel free to send in your feedback on any namesuppressed songs
for the next newsletter.  the weirder the comments the better!

   criticise me:     feedback@namesuppressed.com

[rubicon ordering stuff]

don't forget that there's still a few copies of the first
namesuppressed album "rubicon" available.  rubicon features some of
namesuppressed's most popular songs, including endless green, hockey
mad and wake in a fit of nanga tourette's.

prices are $5 per cassette + p&h for australian customers.  for
overseas customers, prices are approximately $7 - $9 (US dollars)
depending on where you live (overseas price includes postage). there
are discounts for buying multiple copies.

   for more info:    sales@namesuppressed.com

[a quick note to sjw]

okay... so maybe I would've been better off going to see toy story 2
on thursday night instead of working on this newsletter after all :]
that's what happens when the survey database doesn't work out....

                 .dont need the games that you play.

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