NS Newsletter 009: 30 January 2000


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 0 9

                          january 30th 2000

[this issue]

      *  a quiet whimper
      *  "leaving" MP2 track
      *  and the winner is...
      *  wanna be a beta tester?
      *  listener's comments
      *  rubicon ordering stuff
      *  one last thing

[a quiet whimper]

the year 2000 started with a quiet whimper rather than a big bang.

i was hoping to have online credit card ordering of namesuppressed
music and software ready as the "big-bang" to start 2000, but it's
been delayed due to circumstances beyond my control.  the merchant
service that namesuppressed will be using is called Kagi, a company
which has been dealing with online sales for several years now.

look forward to credit card ordering in mid-march.  hopefully 

   kagi:             http://www.kagi.com/

["leaving" MP2 track]

"leaving" was originally recorded on sunday, 28th march 1999.  it was
at a time when i was caught in personal conflicts with my friends (the
title hints at my decision to take time out from my friends for a
while).  as i was writing this track, the tv news broke the story of a
stealth bomber shot down during the conflict in Kosovo.  the footage
was surreal and had a big impact on me at the time.  somehow the
events of that day all combined to create this track.

i'd really like to hear any comments you have on this track - i expect
it to be somewhat controversial.  whether you're strongly against or
strongly in favour of this track, please email me your comments (or
fill in the anonymous web form on the mp3s page if you prefer).

leaving will not be online for very long.  i have to make space for
new mp3s on the server, and I expect to delete it sometime before
march.  so if you want to hear this track before its album release,
you'll need to download it now.

   leaving:          namesuppressed.com/mp3s/nsleavingdemo.mp2
   anon web form:    http://www.namesuppressed.com/mp3s/
   criticise me:     feedback@namesuppressed.com

[and the winner is...]

last month i ran a survey at namesuppressed.com to find out what
people thought of the new designs we were developing for the new
namesuppressed website.  (you can still view the designs at the
website listed below).  everyone who filled in the survey was
entered in a draw to win a free cd.

i'm pleased to announce that the winner of last month's competition
was Christin Singh from the usa!  she has won a copy of the cd
Hyperkarma by uk band black:not:green.  congratulations!

the latest news from the black:not:green camp is that Hyperkarma was
featured in Melody Maker and Guitarist magazines - it was even awarded
"demo of the month" in the january 2000 issue of Guitarist.  their
new website will go online on 02/02/2000, and i've been told that it's
going to be very very good :]

   ns designs:       [Survey for email subscribers only! Sorry!]
   blacknotgreen:    http://www.blacknotgreen.com/

[wanna be a beta tester?]

i'm looking for people to test some plug-ins i've written for cool
edit.  the plugins let you load and save samples in tracker sample
formats - at the moment i have plugins for both impulse tracker and
scream tracker.

to be a beta tester you need to have some form of pc running a version
of cool edit (it doesn't matter if it's registered or not) and a
music tracking program, such as impulse tracker.  in return for being
a beta-tester you will receive full versions of the plugins you test
for free - the final versions of the plugins are going to be sold
online as shareware through Kagi.

if you would like to be a beta tester, please send me an email at
syneryder@namesuppressed.com with all the following details:

   - your name and email address (so i can contact you!)
   - your cpu (eg 486, pentium 1/2/3, amd k6-2, cyrix 6x86)
   - your cool edit version (eg 95, 96, 2000)
   - your operating system (eg windows 95, 98, 2000)
   - your trackers (eg impulse tracker 2.14, scream tracker 3.12)

if you are selected to be a beta tester i will email you with details
of what your beta-testing tasks will be, and how you can get a copy
of the beta versions.  (please note that it will take some time for
me to email back as i will be away for the next 2-3 weeks).

i'm also hoping to make plugins for fast tracker 2 and yamaha tx16w
sample formats, so if you work with either of these formats and want
to be a beta tester please feel free to send me your details too.

   contact me:       syneryder@namesuppressed.com

[listener's comments]

it's been a quiet month in terms of feedback.  i guess people have
been away on holidays and a few people were initially freaked out by
y2k problems (did the lights flicker where you were too?)

send in your feedback!  check out the new namesuppressed mp3s that
are online, download them and tell me what you think.  i'd
particularly like to hear feedback on Antisocialite and Leaving, my
two latest tracks.  if you think they're complete junk feel free to
tell me exactly that 

you can send in your feedback by either emailing me at the address
below, or if you prefer you can type your message into the anonymous
web form on the mp3s page at http://www.namesuppressed.com/mp3s/

   mp3s & web form:  http://www.namesuppressed.com/mp3s/
   criticise me:     feedback@namesuppressed.com

[rubicon ordering stuff]

don't forget that there's -still- a few copies of the first
namesuppressed album "rubicon" available.  rubicon features some of
namesuppressed's most popular songs, including hockey mad, endless
green and wake in a fit of nanga tourette's.

prices are $5 per cassette + p&h for australian customers.  for
overseas customers, prices are approximately $7 - $9 (US dollars)
depending on where you live (overseas price includes postage). there
are discounts for buying multiple copies.

and yes, online credit card ordering -is- coming soon...

   for more info:    sales@namesuppressed.com

[one last thing]

i'm going to sydney (on the east coast of australia) for a few weeks
during february, primarily to see my elderly grandparents.  i will be
completely incommunicado during that time, i will have no internet
access of any kind whatsoever.  i apologise in advance for the long
delay it will take to reply to any emails you send me during february.

i'll miss you guys while i'm gone and i'm really looking forward to
catching up with you all again in late february / early march.

                     .i feel a need to disguise.

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