NS Newsletter 010: 27 June 2000


      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 1 0

                           june 27th 2000

[this issue]

      *  website relaunched!
      *  presskit now freely available
      *  online credit card ordering
      *  a plug for the scully marathon
      *  signing off

[website relaunched!]

to coincide with the third anniversary of the release of Rubicon,
i'm pleased to announce the relaunch of the namesuppressed website
at www.namesuppressed.com.  it also marks the end of the website
hosted at geocities - over the next few weeks the old pages will
be redirected.

the website features all the content from the old site, as well as
some new features outlined below.  i'd appreciate any feedback you
have, so please email me with your comments on the new look and
the website!

   new site:         https://www.namesuppressed.com/
   feedback:         feedback@namesuppressed.com

[presskit now freely available]

as part of the site redesign and relaunch, i've decided to make all
namesuppressed promotional material available online to be used by
anyone who wants to.  this includes a number of news articles on
namesuppressed which you won't have seen before, including an article
on geocities & mp3 by apbnews.com which referred to the namesuppressed

there's also an unpublished interview with namesuppressed discussing
mp3 and how it will affect the music industry, previously unreleased
photographs, and a downloadable fact sheet outlining the history of
namesuppressed.  a more detailed biography is on its way.

naturally there are some terms and conditions associated with using
the material, but basically as long as you're not trying to rip
anyone off you should feel free to use it however you like 

   presskit:         https://namesuppressed.com/ns/presskit.shtml

[online credit card ordering]

don't worry, i'm not about to give you the hard sell... this is just
to announce that namesuppressed is now able to accept credit card
orders (visa, mastercard, diners, etc... pretty much every card).
prices are now listed in us dollars, as online sales are being handled
by the us-based organisation Kagi.

prices have changed slightly as a result (Kagi takes a commission on
every sale).  within australia Rubicon now costs $US7, while those
outside australia pay only $US10.  both prices include postage,
air-mail for overseas orders.  i've tried my best to keep prices as
low as possible.  incidentally copies are still available for $5
australian + any postage if you contact me directly.

please also note that these prices will *NOT* be affected by the
introduction of the australian GST on july 1st.  the namesuppressed
website is operated as a hobby, not as a business, and hence is not
entitled to register for GST.  basically this just means that any
price fluctuations will be absorbed by myself, and any savings will
be passed on to you where possible.  after all, I want to keep the
price low to encourage you to buy the music, right?  

   order page:       https://namesuppressed.com/ns/buy.shtml
   kagi form:        http://order.kagi.com/?5QM
   email me:         syneryder@namesuppressed.com

[a plug for the scully marathon]

a quick plug for the scully marathon being held here in perth on july
8th, hosted by the crew at thealph.com.  it's a charity event, a full
day of non-stop x-files episodes featuring scully, all in the name of
raising money for research into neurofibromatosis.  so start getting
some sponsors or bring along a little cash of your own... come for
the whole day or stop by for a few minutes.  i'm going for the whole
day (pity me!) seeing as i'm part of the alph crew, so if you're able
to go maybe i'll see you there!  check out the website for info:

   further info:     http://www.thealph.com/marathon/

[signing off]

well, that's pretty much all the news for now... over the last few
months i've been busy writing new tracks and working on a new demo,
including making enquiries and visiting studios 301 in sydney.  of
course i'll keep you informed if and when anything comes of that.

i hope these newsletters aren't annoying you all too much, remember
you can unsubscribe by sending an email to the address listed at the
end of this email.

thanks for your support folks... stay tuned!

                .kinda terrified she's falling apart.

------------------------------------------------------  namesuppressed

the  namesuppressed  newsletter  is an  occasional  e-zine  providing
information  on  the electronic grunge/techno band namesuppressed, as
well as news from unsigned/underground artists from around the world.

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