NS Newsletter 013: 27 September 2002

[this issue]

[special offer: 33% plugin discount]

just a quick reminder that the 33% discount on namesuppressed plugins ends in just 4 days. the discount applies to the latest updates of softener and the brand new autochromatic 2 plugin (see below for autochromatic announcement). both are normally $14.95, but until september 30 they're just $9.95. if you want to take advantage of the offer, you'll need to be quick.

sorry for the upfront promotion, but i'd really hate for anyone on this list to find they'd missed out on the offer :(

(Update: this discount offer has ended.)

[autochromatic 2.00 & softener 1.13 released]

namesuppressed is very pleased to announce the release of autochromatic 2.00, a complete rewrite of the autochromatic plugin. the new version introduces a new midtone color control, contrast and bias controls, plus a full preset managment system (and over 30 presets to get you started). the interface has been completely redesigned too.

softener has also been updated to version 1.13. the latest update improves support for high resolution displays and fixes some bugs in the installer on windows 2k/nt systems.

if you like the plugins, please leave a quick review at download.com, it would be really appreciated!

[kenny translator updates]

the kenny translator community has been extremely busy the past few months, creating even more versions of kenny. we're closer to our goal of having kennyspeak available on every computer system....

* maxfusion released cf_kenny, a coldfusion tag to instantly add kenny translation to your website (almost no programming required)

* beretta constantino released the kenny php translator, a drop in script for adding kennyspeak to your webpage.

* arne schwabe has written a kenny translator for klient, an irc program for windows 9x and nt systems (with a focus on scripting)

* colin leroy released an lgpl version of the kenny translator coded in c, so kenny can now be incorporated into open source programs

* woode has updated his mirkenny script for mirc, which provides automatic encryption and decryption of kennyspeak over irc

[token newsletter mp3 release]

each time i release a newsletter, i try to also release a new song on the namesuppressed website. but for the last few months, my inspiration has been quiet, and i've been focusing more on my plugins. that means i have a lot of unfinished songs.

so instead of a full release of a song, i thought i'd upload an early version of a song i'm working on. it has the working title of icnlu, which might mean something to you if you've been reading the studio diary. i have written lyrics for this song, but they're very personal and i don't yet have the confidence to record them and release them publicly. maybe sometime soon.

well, here it is, icnlu, a track from the extremely-limited edition "alright already" bootleg cd, exclusively for newsletter subscribers. i hope you enjoy it, and i'd love to hear what you think of it. (and yes, i'm aware that the hihats and high frequencies are way too loud....)

[gear review: psp audioware vintage warmer]

although i haven't been making much music lately, i did pick up some fantastic music gear in the past months. psp audioware have quickly gained a reputation for great quality music software, with rave reviews in future music, computer music and other top music magazines. their latest plugin is even approved by lexicon.

my favourite of their plugins is without doubt the vintage warmer. this is a multiband compressor/limiter modelled on old tube and valve compressors. it's great for giving an analog feel to digital recordings and works very well on vocals, giving extra warmth. as a compressor/limiter it's superb, you can hear the density of the mix increase while you turn the knobs and apply more drive. not only does it sound great, it's extremely easy to use. it's an essential part of my music kit now.

psp have educational pricing for their products (50% off), so if you're both a student and aspiring musician, or even a member of academic staff with a musical ear, check out these plugins now.

[comments & feedback]

softener has been getting some great feedback on the download sites:

* users on the graphics portal "graphics.com" rated softener 5 stars. one user said: "i like it that i can easily make the fluffy spotlight effect (marquee with feather) with softener, something the expensive scatterlight plugin offers in photoshop."

* the shareware download site "the file transit" rated softener 5 out of a maximum 5 stars. (there haven't been any user ratings yet.)

* the top download site "webattack" reviewed softener and gave it a 4 star "editor's pick" rating.

* the russian software archive "softlist" rated softener 4 stars.

* users at the shareware and freeware site "afreego" also gave softener a 4 star rating.

[signing off]

hopefully i'll be getting back into the music very soon. i bought an old (and cheap) electric guitar a couple of weeks ago, and i am *finally* placing my order for a pair of akg k270s headphones. they're supposedly the best you can get, no doubt i'll give you my review of them in the near future.

meanwhile, keep yourself entertained with the sounds of jess mcavoy, a fantastic singer/songwriter from perth (australia). she's just released her third independent album "light wait", a collection of acoustic guitar tracks (which normally isn't my thing, but this is exceptional). think tori amos' painfully personal songwriting talent, mixed with ani difranco's indie attitude. i saw her perform live recently and i haven't been so impressed by a musician in a long time. check it out.

ps - don't forget the special 33% plugin discount, just 4 days to go!

.must you dictate to the other ones.

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