NS Newsletter 015: 31 December 2003

[this issue]

[happy new year]

i hope you had a great time over the christmas period with family and loved ones, and i'd like to wish you a safe & refreshing new year.

although 2003 has been a quiet year for namesuppressed, it has also been a successful one. the song of the year awards were a nice surprise, webscriber attracted some impressive customers, and plaid lite was far more successful than i ever expected.

i'd like to thank you for your support and for being part of the namesuppressed experience. without you, things wouldn't have been quite the same this year. i have appreciated all your emails and encouragement. here's hoping 2004 brings even brighter and better things.

okay, end of my sappy feelgood monologue....

[plaid lite, webscriber updates]

namesuppressed has been on a bug squashing campaign in the last few months, and there's been lots of fixes and improvements:

plaid lite 1.02

webscriber 1.04

webscriber mailform 0.20 (registered users only)

you can download the latest versions from the website, or write to namesuppressed to ask for the new mailform if you are a registered user of webscriber.

[get a signed copy of vast's new album]

vast has released an advance limited edition of their new album "nude". odd title for an underground heavy rock album, but the tracks are sounding good and the first 2500 copies will be signed personally by frontman jon crosby... although i hear his signature looks a lot like an anonymous squiggle. be quick.

[2liar - world's longest website project?]

2 years might not be the longest time for a website project, but it sure seems like a long time to us. the website that namesuppressed helped designed for uk/us band 2liar is finally online, filled with plenty of free moody electro acoustic mp3s you can grab. it's been described as haunting and beautiful, chill out music, a mix of ambient & trip-hop with the tiniest drop of punk. 2liar's music is fresh and unique, even two years later. go grab some mp3s, they're free!

[chris hoar's icnlu video]

though not an official video clip, chris hoar recently used the namesuppressed track "icnlu" (aka i could never love you) as the soundtrack to a short film for his multimedia course. he's been kind enough to let me offer the film for download.

the clip will only be online for a few days, so if you want to check it out you'll need to be quick. the file is under 4mb and requires the flash player to view it.

2020 update: Sorry, Flash isn't supported in web browsers any more! The SWF file now longer works for viewing.

[search engine & support pages]

more updates to the namesuppressed website, with the addition of a site search engine. the support pages have also been updated with a list of all of namesuppressed's most frequently asked questions.

try out the search engine and support pages, and if you can't find what you're looking for please let me know.

[graphics and audio news]

* adobe announced that their future web design products will use the opera web browser rendering engine, ensuring standards compliance across the windows and macintosh platforms.

* universal music announced plans to slash the price of music cds in response to rising music piracy. suggested retail price will drop to $13, down from the usual $17 - $19.

* apple hit the audio big time with the launch of itunes for windows. unfortunately it only runs on windows 2000 and xp, now might be a good time to upgrade if you're using win9x. that's what i'm doing.

* apple also announced that in conjunction with pepsi, they will be giving away 100 million free songs from feb 1st next year through apple itunes, apparently to coincide with the superbowl.

* pearl jam have left sony/epic records and are experimenting with indie marketing, including amazon's 'advantage for music' program.

* offspring's new album splinter hit the streets just a few days ago. it's very short, only 32 minutes and they seem to have lost their edge, sadly. it comes with exclusive video footage on the cd.

[kenny translator updates]

* the kenny translator celebrated its fifth birthday on the 29th of october. amazing how a joke that started between 3 friends in the back row of a computer programming lecture now gets over 200,000 hits in a month.

* nick müller's website logictools.de has gone offline again, which means the mac os x version of the kenny translator is unavailable. but don't worry, i've mirrored the file on my own site, so there is still a mac os x version available until the site comes back.

* doeke zanstra has written a bookmarklet version of the kenny translator. by adding the code as a bookmark in internet explorer you can translate any text on any website into kennyspeak. the bookmarklet also works in mozilla and has some support for opera 7.

[signing off]

things have been quiet musically, but now my electric guitar has been repaired, i have the "revalver live" virtual amplifier, there's even rumors of a dedicated namesuppressed studio (!?) so things might be going to get louder, bolder, and grungier. all dreams? probably, but you never know....

.world came crashing down today / broken in the most peculiar way.

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