NS Newsletter 023: 4 July 2013

Hi again! It's Kohan Ikin from namesuppressed, the Photoshop plug-in folks. This month we've got our big Independence sale (30% off our Photoshop plugins!), our new app for Android phones, highlighting Harry's new Photoshop plugin for making textures, the inside scoop on software sales happening this week, and a quirky album we've been listening to in the namesuppressed office.

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This Issue

Indie Independence Day Sale

It's Independence Day! As a small independent company, we're fond of celebrating independence in all its forms - whether it's American independence, or indie rock bands, or the graphic designers & artists creating their own independent works.

So to celebrate Independence Day and help you with your own indie creations, you can get a 30% discount this weekend on almost all namesuppressed plugins: Plaid Lite, Softener 2 32-bit, Simple Tools & Autochromatic. Use the web link to get your discount and save 30%:

Sorry! Discount code for email subscribers only!

Corner Case: new game for Android

Introducing Corner Case, our first app for Android devices. Corner Case is a puzzle game, influenced by the artworks of Piet Mondrian, who used primary colors & straight black lines in his iconic designs. Each puzzle only takes a minute or two to solve, but it's proven to be surprisingly addictive.

As photography moves more smartphones & tablets, we've been getting up to speed with mobile app development, and Corner Case is our first Android programming experiment.

You can find Corner Case in the Google Play store for just 99c. At the moment it's only available in the US, Australia & New Zealand, but we're working on bringing Corner Case to other countries (and to iPhones & iPads) as soon as we can!

Hypertyle 2.0 Photoshop Plugin

The Plugin Site has released a major update to their HyperTyle plug-in for creating seamless textures & edge effects. The new version includes a 64-bit compatible plugin, resizable window & support for smart filters & recording actions.

Hypertyle is the plugin used to create many of the texture backgrounds on the namesuppressed website & in our plugins. Harry (the guy behind The Plugin Site & Hypertyle) also helped make Softener 2 64-bit, so I highly recommend his plugins, and Hypertyle is a favorite of mine.

Other Indie Sales

Good Old Games currently has an Independence Day sale on indie games (video games made by small independent companies of 1 or 2 people). Discounts include 66% off Retro City Rampage & 50% off Fez, a game featured in Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary currently showing at the International Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

Good Old Games (aka GOG) also have lots of classic old games for cheap prices, like Myst, Riven, Populous, Magic Carpet & Ultima for $2.99 each (or as low as $1.49 in their bundle deals this weekend).

The GOG sale ends at 8am (Central) on July 5, so be quick!

Listening Booth

The soundtrack in the namesuppressed offices this month is from the "newly independent" Andrew Mason. The ex-CEO of Groupon has released an album called Hardly Workin', a parody album of "motivational corporate songs". It sounds like an album the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert would make. If you like Weird Al Yankovic, or you're tired of your boss talking about synergizing metrics with aspirational quarterly goals, you might find the album amusing.

Until next time, enjoy!

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