How To Save a Photo in a Different File Format

Note: These instructions are for the namesuppressed Rapid Photo Editor, but most graphics programs work similarly - even the free MS Paint program built into Windows.

Saving a photo in a different file format just requires you to load the photo in your Photo Editor program, then save it - but this time, choosing a different file format. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Open The File

First, you need to open the photo - so start your Photo Editor program (look in your Windows Start Menu for that), and when it has started, click on the File -> Open menu option. It will probably look something like the picture below:

Screenshot showing the location of the Open File menu option in namesuppressed's Rapid Photo Editor

You'll then get a window asking you to find the graphics file that you want to open on your computer's hard drive. Don't forget to click the Open button to open the file.

Step 2: Click To Save The File

Now that your photo is open, you just need to choose the "Save As" option in your Photo Editor. (Your program might only have a "Save" option instead.) The Save option is usually in the File menu, so your screen should look like this:

Screenshot showing the location of the Save menu in the namesuppressed Rapid Photo Editor

Step 3: Choose The New Format & Save

Finally, you'll see a window like the one below. Click on the box marked "Save As Type" and there you can choose the new image file format that you can save into. Type a new filename in the "File name" box - don't use the same name, otherwise you'll delete your old file by accident, and you don't want that! When you're ready, click "Save".

Screenshot of the Save File window in the namesuppressed Rapid Photo Editor

Which format should I choose?

For putting photos online or sending them to friends, the best file formats to use are:

All of the formats listed above can be viewed in a standard web browser, which makes them a good choice. It means your friends don't need any special software to see your photos.

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