How do I register one of your programs?

To register, you must purchase a copy of the program from the namesuppressed online store.

You can use a credit card or Paypal. If you can't use one of these payment methods or don't want to order online, send an email to, and we'll try to find a payment method that suits you.

But, how do I register Softener?

There are some very old copies of Softener on the internet (from 2002!) that ask you to “register” instead of “purchase” the plugin. That copy of Softener is not free, and was never free. You must still purchase Softener to get your unlocking code. The wording confused some people, so newer versions of Softener use the words “Purchase” or “Buy Now” instead.

If you have one of those very old copies, we recommend downloading a new copy of Softener. The latest versions have a much larger preview window, run faster, let you load and save presets and work on newer 64-bit computers too. It's worth upgrading... why not buy the latest version of Softener right now?

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