I lost my unlocking code...

If you've lost your unlocking code / license key or had a hard drive crash, don't panic! We can email your unlocking code to you again - as long as you bought the software from us. There's no need to buy our software again.

June 2024 Note: Oops! The lookup is broken in a recent server update. I'm working on debugging and fixing it! In the meantime, just send me an email and I'll get you up and running with your plugins again. Sorry for the hassle!

To find your unlocking code, type your email address below and click the 'Find' button.


Autochromatic 2
Plaid Lite     Simple Tools
Softener 1.xx     Softener 2     Softener 2 64-bit

If the search didn't work, you can ask us to find your unlocking code manually for you instead.