Why doesn't Plaid Lite produce any patterns?

It does produce patterns... no, really! But, you need to load an image in your graphics program first. Plaid Lite generates patterns by examining an image (such as a photograph) and generating patterns based on that image.

The images that work best with Plaid Lite have lots of details and a high contrast. Photographs work well, but sometimes give a smeared effect.

If you are using Plaid Lite on an image you've designed yourself, don't use horizontal or vertical lines, otherwise Plaid Lite probably won't generate any patterns. Try using lots of swirls, scribbles and distortions on the image to make it look really random and detailed, then apply Plaid Lite.

Try reducing the number of colors in the image to 2 or 4, and using Plaid Lite on that... that's provided me with good results in the past. After you've reduced the colors, make sure you convert the image back to 16 Million Color mode again, otherwise you may not be able to use Plaid Lite on the image.

Later versions of Plaid Lite will let you generate your own patterns without requiring you to load an image first. There is no set date for when this version will be released.

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