How To Install Photoshop Plugins in Adobe Fireworks

namesuppressed's plugins have been tested with Adobe Fireworks and work well - this tutorial will show you how to set them up in Fireworks and get them working.

Setting up Photoshop Plugins in Fireworks

  1. Once Fireworks is installed, you need to tell it where to find the Photoshop plugins installed on your computer. Click on the Preferences option in the Edit menu:

    The Adobe Fireworks edit menu

  2. Click on “Plug-Ins” at the left of the Preferences window, and make sure that Photoshop Plug-ins is checked at the top of the window (see screenshot). Then click “Browse...” next to it to open the Browse For Folder window, where you'll choose your Photoshop Plugins folder.

    The plug-ins preferences window in Adobe Fireworks.

  3. You then need to add the folder where you have all your Photoshop plugins installed. For namesuppressed Photoshop Plugins, try adding C:\Program Files\namesuppressed\ as the plugins folder.

    The Select Plugins Folder window in Fireworks.

  4. Now click on the Filters menu at the top of the main Fireworks window. You should see all of your Photoshop plugins listed now. Just select the effect that you want to use and click on it. All done!

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