I get a Memory Access Violation when I run the Photoshop plugin.

You are probably running an older version of our plugins. Try downloading the newest version of our Photoshop Plugins here. We recommend that you use Softener 1.30 or newer, Plaid Lite 1.20 or newer, or Autochromatic 2.07 or newer.

If that still doesn't work, consider changing your Windows Data Execution Protection (DEP) settings. Adding your graphics program (eg Photoshop, PSP, Photoimpact) to your computer's DEP exclusion list should fix the problem. You need to add the program (the .EXE file) to the list, not the Photoshop plugin.

Turning off DEP on Windows 10

Turning off DEP on Vista and XP

Microsoft has some instructions for how to turn off DEP here - click on the instructions for "To turn off DEP for an individual program". These instructions mostly apply to Windows Vista:

(Sorry, Microsoft has since deleted this link! We'll try and write our own instructions for Change Data Execution Prevention Settings here soon.)

If you have Windows XP and the above instructions didn't help, try these instructions for how to turn off DEP. They are trickier to follow though. Scroll down to the section that says "Enabling the DEP Exception List":

(Archived at Archive.org) http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/prodtech/windowsxp/depcnfxp.mspx#EGCAC

The DEP settings are in your Control Panel's System menu, in the Advanced tab. Click on the Performance Settings on that tab, and a new window should appear with Data Execution Protection options at the top. You'll want to add your graphics program (eg Photoshop) to that list, and then restart the computer.

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