How to install Photoshop Plugins in Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner supports Photoshop plugins, but only in the Professional version (not the Free version), and only when running the 32-bit version of Zoner. If you have a 64-bit computer (you probably do), look for the 32-bit version of Zoner on your computer here:

C:\Program Files\Zoner\Photo Studio 18\Program32\ZPS.exe

Most Photoshop plug-ins don't automatically detect Zoner when they are installed. So after installing the plugin, if it doesn't show up in Zoner, you will need to add an additional Photoshop Plugin to Zoner's settings:

Setting up additional Zoner Photo Studio plugins folders

Zoner Photo Studio preferences menu

The plug-in should now be listed in Zoner's Effects -> Plug-in Modules menu!

Plugins still not showing up?

Note that Zoner doesn't support 64-bit Photoshop plugins. Fortunately most plugins still have 32-bit versions, including all the namesuppressed Photoshop plugins. Make sure you're running the 32-bit version of Zoner as described above too.

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