Can I use images from your site on my webpage?

It depends which image you're asking about, but my answer will often be "Yes, you can". However, please ask my permission first! Some images I don't allow people to use for personal reasons, while other images are copyrighted and I can't grant you permission anyway (although I could tell you who to ask for permission).

Even if I do give you permission, please do not link directly to the image on my server - that uses my site bandwidth and costs me money. Some people even regard it as theft. Please copy the image to your own web server instead, and then the world will be a happier place.

I'm most likely to turn down requests to use my personal photo on other websites, particularly for message-board avatars. I'm sure you're much more good looking than me, so why sell yourself short? See if you can borrow a friend's digital camera and take a photo of yourself - you'll be much happier with the result. If you're trying to mimic the style/mood of one of my photos, ask me how I made it and perhaps I can tell you how to create the same effect.

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