What is a preset? How do I use the preset buttons?

A “preset” is a special file that contains settings. Our plugins come with many presets that create nice looking effects on your images, so you don't have to find out these settings yourself. For example, our Softener soft focus plugin comes with presets called “Gaussian Blur” and “Smooth Portrait”.

The easiest way to see what effect each preset will create is to Open each preset and try it out.

When should I use presets?

You should use a preset when you're not sure which settings to use. Try loading each of the presets until you get a result that you like. Then you can make small changes to the settings yourself, until you get exactly the result you want.

You should save a preset when you find some settings that you really like, and might want to use on other images. By saving the settings as a preset, you won't have to memorize all the numbers and settings you used to get that result - just load the preset file again.

How do I use the preset buttons?

To load a preset, click on the Open button. You will see a window with lots of preset files - click on one of them (eg Smooth Portrait.prs), and then click the Open button on that window. That will change the plugin settings to the settings in the preset file, and you'll get a different effect on your image.

To save a preset to use later, click on the Save button. You will see a window with other preset files. Type in a name for your preset, something that will help you remember the type of effect it creates when you load it (eg Soft And Fluffy, Dark And Moody, Blurry). When you've typed in the name of your preset, click the Save button.

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