WebScriber doesn't show all lists on the "Manage Your Subscriptions" screen

This problem can occur for a couple of reasons. If you have accidentally typed a space at the end of the [listname] line (or any following lines) in the config.txt file, those lists may not be displayed.

The problem can also occur if the config.txt file has been uploaded in binary mode instead of ASCII/text mode. Try uploading the file again, but this time check the settings in your FTP program.

namesuppressed recommends using SmartFTP, which has an "Auto" mode that automatically uploads .txt files correctly. You can override this setting though by clicking on the ASC, 010 or A10 buttons at the top of the SmartFTP window. ASC will transfer all files in text/ASCII, 010 will transfer all files in binary mode, and A10 will turn on Auto mode.

On the Mac, Transmit is a great FTP program too.

These issues have been fixed in WebScriber 1.0.4 beta 3 and newer versions.

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