What to do if WebScriber won't send emails

Check the basics

Check the permissions on WebScriber

Check the permissions on ezmlm

Recreate the ezmlm lists with correct permissions

On some systems, PHP and/or the web server run under a different username to that used by the ezmlm lists. For WebScriber to work, these should probably be the same. Try creating new ezmlm lists by following the instructions below. It assumes that your web server is running as "nobody", domain.com is your domain name, mailserver.com is your mail server and listname is the name of the list you want to create. Substitute as appropriate.

  1. su to root
  2. cd to /var/qmail/control
  3. edit virtualdomains and create an entry as follows: domain.com: nobody
  4. edit rcpthosts and add an entry for domain.com
  5. send a HUP signal to qmail-send (or alternatively, restart qmail-send)
  6. edit dns with an mx record for domain.com: domain.com in mx 10 mailserver.com
  7. create user "nobody" if it does not exist
  8. create a home directory for "nobody"
  9. su - nobody
  10. ezmlm-make -s /home/nobody/listname /home/nobody/.qmail-listname listname domain.com

Many thanks to Damian Silvera from the University of Miami for the above steps. If you haven't got a clue what any of the above means, don't worry - you probably need to give this information to your system administrator instead. And be polite with them, they're busy people too!

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