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Nowadays I write a lot of commercial software, so you can also find software I've written on the Photoshop plugins pages, the WebScriber page, and a longer list of things I've created on my newer Kohan Ikin website. Below you can find some older software I released for free.

Kenny Translator

Kenny Translator
The Kenny Translator will convert any text into what Kenny from South Park would say! Amaze your friends! Impress your family! And all that stuff...
Download Win95 version (175KB)
Download DOS textmode version (11KB)
Try the online JavaScript version!

PHP Word Wrap
A short routine coded in PHP to reformat (or word wrap) a string. Useful for online email scripts.
View the source now (3KB)
Read a short tutorial on the code

Cool Edit 96/2K ITS filter v0.1.0
This plugin file filter lets you edit Impulse Tracker format ITS sample files directly in Cool Edit without having to convert them into WAV format first. I should probably update this sometime, I'm not even sure if it works anymore.
Download the filter now (31.6KB)

Autointerlace 1.1
Autointerlace is a Photoshop filter that automatically adds an interlace effect to your image. It's also compatible with Paint Shop Pro and Corel Xara, and there are PC and Macintosh versions of the filter. Please note that the Macintosh version only works in Classic mode.
Download Mac version 1.1 (85.5KB)
Download PC version 1.0 (23.2KB)
Go to the Autointerlace webpage

Merry Xmas 1996
An old electronic christmas card I made for my friends as I was learning programming. Features a couple of my own compositions. Runs on MS-DOS or Windows 95 computers.
Download now (145KB)


SyneEdit v1.1
A simple text editor application, written in Java 1.1. The full source code is also included in the package.
Download Java version now (5.6KB)