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When will you get a drivers licence / car?

When are you going to get a drivers licence?

I'll get my drivers licence when I get a car. I see no point in getting a licence until I'll be using it regularly. I don't need a licence for clubs & licensed venues, I already have a separate 18+ ID card.

So when are you going to get a car?

One of many parks I walk through to get to the shops.

Possibly never. I still don't have a need for a car. I've been without a car for a long time now, and I enjoy the lifestyle. I like walking to the shops with my iPod and walking though the various parks on the way. I like catching the train into the city - it's slower than a car trip, but I can usually catch up on some reading in the train.

Obviously, my situation is somewhat unique - I run my own software company, so I don't need a car to go to work. The supermarket is just 15 minutes walk away, and fast food outlets are 30 minutes walk away (or I can just get home delivery!). It's not as if I live in middle-of-nowhere-Kansas where the supermarket is several miles away. And for the few times when I really need a car, it's cheaper for me to get a taxi - for me, it's about 50% cheaper compared with the running costs of a car (not to mention the cost of the car itself).

A survey of independent software developers once showed that only 48.15% of software developers feel they need a car. Compared to where I live, where 72.5% of the population owns a car (according to 1998 Census figures), it's a big difference.

Besides - if I ever did go for my license, it would probably go an awful lot like this clip from The Big Bang Theory (Season 2, Episode 5, The Euclid Alternative):

But if you did get a car, when would you get it?

I used to say I'd get a car when I achieved the following criteria (which I've achieved already):

If I ever get a car, it'll be a DeLorean DMC-12.

DeLorean photo courtesy Babb Technology

I don't believe in leeching or freeloading, so I try to give petrol & maintenance money to people I occasionally get lifts from. If anyone feels I owe them more petrol money, please drop me a line so I know. Being a non-driver I don't keep up with the current cost of petrol, so I need to be reminded occasionally.

Wait, are you serious about that DeLorean thing?

Actually, I think I am. The Delorean Motor Company has started making new build DMC-12s, and have even started producing Right-Hand-Drive versions of the car. The black & stainless steel styling echoes the design cues of recent Apple Macs, and there aren't many cars with gullwing doors. Jay Leno recently reviewed the DeLorean, and was quite positive about it.

But I can think of better ways of spending my money right now, and that's why you don't see me burning down the freeway at 88 MPH.

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