SyneRyder - journal

No Surrender

19th September 1997
Outside class, school

Today at assembly the organisers played another of their favourite Christian songs, this one being titled "I Surrender". Basically it's the same thing as usual - a song about someone who decides to "surrender" their life to Christ, allowing Christ to "have his way" in them. Something seemed wrong to me with the song - surrender is something that people do when they lose a war.

Is this what people have to do to follow God? "Surrender" themselves, to hand themselves over to a force they cannot understand or control? It would seem to me that this is wrong; rather than people conceding they have "lost the war" and having to "surrender", I believe there should be a peace between the two. Instead of God controlling, people and God should be able to work together. That's not surrender... that's co-operation.