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Favourite Websites


Dexterity Articles
These are some of the best articles I've found on increasing personal productivity. At the very least, the article "Clean Up That Mess" describes an easy and effective way to keep your work environment tidy. If you only click on one link here, click on this one.

Fun Stuff

PVP Online
I start every morning with the latest comic from PVP (Player Vs Player). You don't even have to be into video games to enjoy it, but the ability to laugh at geeks helps.
Weebl And Bob
"'lo Bob, you got pie?" One of the funniest Flash cartoons around. You'll never see pie in the same way again - but no, I don't mean anything like American Pie. I still wouldn't recommend it for children though.


Joel On Software
A brilliant series of articles on programming, featuring advice on good programming practices, the ideal workspace for programmers, motivation tips and recommendations for managing small development teams.


Favourite Online Radio Stations

I don't listen to terrestrial radio anymore. My radio broke, but before I could replace it I discovered internet radio. Now I listen to online radio stations all the time - like Last.FM.

Favourite Albums

Reviews of some albums I was particularly excited about on their release. I've never found time to write more reviews.

Favourite Unsigned Bands

Damn they're good, like a cross between Covenant and Garbage. They've played support for KMFDM and their live performances just keep getting better. If you're new to the band, download their MP3 single "Sanctuary".

Neon Zoo
Guitar-driven Gothic/Industrial band out of Nottingham in the UK. It's like Depeche Mode crossed with Nine Inch Nails. They may be unsigned, but the tracks on their first album are polished and have enough of a mainstream hook to make it addictive. Click over to their Bandcamp and check out their song "Heaven Sin".

Black Not Green
Quite simply, the best unsigned band in the world. The perfect blend of Prodigy, Nirvana, Radiohead and Aphex Twin. They've had rave reviews in every major music magazine (Guitarist, The Mix, Sound On Sound, Total Guitar, Kerrang!...)

One of the most unique bands to come out of the Perth music scene, famous for gothic electronic tracks such as I Wanna Blow Up Third World Countries, You Don't Beat Me Hard Anymore and Hairspray (Another Bad Day In The Life Of A Goth).