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Hyperkarma by Black Not Green

Hyperkarma by Black Not Green

4 stars
layer3recordings, November 1999
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Expectations of the new Black Not Green album have been exceptionally high. Matching the success of their highly acclaimed album Broken Window Theory was always going to be difficult. It was named Demo of the Month in The Mix, Sound On Sound and Total Guitar magazines, and now the new album Hyperkarma looks set to do it all over again.

Black Not Green's trademark is a blending of guitar based rock, electronica, drum 'n' bass and ambient styles. Even though Hyperkarma is less varied in style than Broken Window Theory was (more hard rock, less ambient), fans are sure to love it. It's sure to win over a new legion of fans too.

Those strange alien-like Black Not Green guys

Hyperkarma is the most radio friendly BNG album yet. The guitar riffs on Moja, Untouchable and Sub3 are catchy enough for commercial radio, while Rolling, Aym and Little Punk Song are edgy enough to make alternative radio playlists. Roger Kelly's vocals are superb throughout, especially on Sub3.

As far as demos go, Hyperkarma is brilliant. I'm tempted to give it 5 stars, but a couple of songs fall just short of perfection. By the time these guys have a major record deal there will be no stopping their ascent up the charts.

Download full MP3 tracks direct from Black Not Green.