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Who Am I?

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NB: This page is old now, like me. You'll find something more up-to-date at my personal Kohan Ikin website, with less of this teenage-angsty obfuscated flowery phrasing. I keep this version here for historical reasons.

They call me SyneRyder. One on a quest for truth, justice and whatever comes afterwards. Try to see beyond the lies.

Beyond a digital reality I am. Kohan Ikin. Four times ten plus one.

Isolation. A city called Perth, a country called Australia. The point furthest from the rest of civilisation, or so they claim - the media, our education, our culture: all lies. We become brainwashed. Look beyond the surface, see the reality beneath, television controls the culture. Controls life with every retrace.

Said the prodigy: "I attain my nirvana by taking my place on the silver throne. I have left the garden of sound behind - I cultivate the savage side of the garden. I pray to the statue of Jebediah that is surrounded by sixteen stones, rocks of a feminine nature - a ritual that the superjesus would forbid. I'm locked in the blur of this dreamland, sitting amidst these low grey clouds, under the pink of the sky and its raspberry swirls. My sweet distorted holiday. But in reality, everything is wrong, nothing is true. You too can help me smash this broken window theory, until we are both confined to the white room within the vast of the void. The ministry of chaos, anno domini."

When I'm not attempting to confuse people with words, I'm writing & marketing software, and recording electronic music. It's all part of namesuppressed, the business I started in 2002 (though it was a hobby as far back as 1996).

In the past I've also been a tech & internet marketing Research for UK-based company E-consultancy, and have taken on freelance projects that interested me, particularly for the San Francisco group Dotgarden. I'm lucky to have had diverse jobs that let me choose my hours, work from almost anywhere, and use my skills to pursue what I'm most passionate about.

I completed a Bachelors degree in Computer and Mathematical Sciences (BCM) at the University of Western Australia in 2002. I'm not 100% convinced it was worthwhile - I'm now a firm believer in self-education & experience over theory. I don't believe that academia promotes those values.

Perth, by the water In the online community, I was an active (top 30) contributor to the FutureQuest Forums, and a lifetime member of the Association of Shareware Professionals. In the past I've been a frequent poster to Usenet shareware and entrepreneurial newsgroups, the Indiegamer Forums and a regular on the FilterMeister Mailing List, but lately I've been drifting away from those forums.

Offline, I have a favorite nightclub that I go to (but I won't name it here because I'd rather not have internet stalkers harass me there). I prefer one on one conversations to large parties, although I have been getting more social recently. You're more likely to find me sharing a secret with a friend at a cafe, browsing music shops or catching a movie with others. Sometimes I like to relax on my own by the water - sometimes resting, sometimes reading. I love my city, it's beautiful and has many quiet waterside locations... and while Perth has a reputation for being a "small-town city" that is sometimes fundamentalist & nepotistic... we seem to be growing up lately. Look in the right places, and you'll find many inspiring entrepreneurial spirits and independent socially-minded thinkers, trying to push the place forward. I'd like think that Perth is becoming the San Francisco / Silicon Valley of the southern hemisphere... or is that too much hyperbole? We have a similar climate anyway.

Politically, I've gone from being dead-center to having Libertarian-Right leanings (Economic Left/Right: 4.00, Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.38 on The Political Compass). I have an anarcho-capitalist streak which is showing more often. Ahh. Trust the ex-Uni student to talk politics.

My favourite colour is a deep, dark shade of blue, perhaps with a hint of violet. I prefer the darkness to the light. I'm a Cancerian and apparently have many cancerian traits, but I'm not into astrology.

Feel free to write to me, I try to reply to all email and I'd love to hear from you. Please check the FAQ before writing in case your question has already been answered there.

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