SyneRyder - journal

Still Here

27th January 1999
My bedroom, Perth

After being at Geocities for 2 years, I've finally decided to move into my own domain at A number of factors contributed to the decision to get the new website: I needed a short and memorable address, and one that I could rely on to be around for some time to come (unlike my old addresses).

Geocities has also been a factor. Their intrusive advertising methods (including watermarks and pop-ups) have gotten to be far too annoying. It appears that they also do not permit MP3 files on their servers, even legal ones. They have deleted files from my webspace without my permission or notifying me.

So, what's happening after I move to the new site? Well, the old site will still remain online at Geocities, but it will no longer be updated. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on the final update to the Geocities site, which will cover the 2 year history of the SyneRyder site (including some pages that never made it online). After that there will be no further updates though - all future updates will be online at the new address only.