SyneRyder - journal

An Idea

9th March 1999, 6:35pm
My bedroom, Perth

No no, don't get your hopes up. I'm not going to be putting my diary online. Well, not all of it anyway. Sorry to disappoint.

So what am I going to be putting on these pages? Perhaps some of the articles will read like diary entries, but others will be more along the lines of "news articles" about what's happening in my life. I hope to archive them, and perhaps even make them searchable. I already have a few of these news articles from the last two years.

But in a sense, "news articles" is the wrong word to use, because I'd like to make it more personal than that. People have become too desensitised to news on TV and in the print media (you have to be, or you'd be sick with worry every day). It would be nice if I could let people experience what I'm feeling in my life at that point in time, rather than just making pointless statements. To that end I hope to include other "writings" - excerpts from my real diary, short grabs of text from my lyrics book.

As usual, I'm sure this is all wishful thinking. But that's the plan for this page anyway. Whether it will actually happen is another thing entirely.