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USA Trip 2005 - Part 9

August 2005

Heading Home

After Seattle we returned to the road trip. Along the way (in Twin Falls, Idaho) we visited a place I've heard a lot about - the Outback Steakhouse. When they realised I was a fair dinkum Aussie, they even let me take one of their menus! They try to make everything very "Australian", but it includes things like Bloomin' Onion that I've never heard of, or Ayers Rock Steak which is actually a steak from New York (!?). It was quite funny to see the waitresses putting on fake Australian accents and running through all these strange menu items.

Outback Steakhouse

They're meant to have a dedicated server who serves you the whole time you're there, but for "some" reason we had every single server come over at one time or other, often to tell us things that we already knew. It was pretty clear they were coming over to take a look at the Aussie and hear the accent.

After that we drove through the Rockies and it was a scenic drive (and cold, there was some ice in parts). Dinner was at a place called IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) which serves - what a surprise - spaghetti and burgers. Oh, and they do serve pancakes too! I had a grilled chicken sandwich instead, which had lots of salad on it and was delicious.