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You should get a blog!

I don't have a blog, but I've introduced an RSS feed for this site. Just click on the little orange button in the menu on the left, and you'll be taken to it. You can copy the URL and add it to your favorite RSS aggregator (whether that's Google Reader, FeedDemon, NetNewsWire or something else is completely up to you).

I don't intend to keep a daily personal blog anymore. I prefer to focus on how-to articles here... the most popular pages on my site include "How to prioritize your tasks", "How to master a CD at home", "How to run a beta test" etc. It's the kind of thing that worked well for Joel Spolsky and Steve Pavlina, two of my favorite bloggers.

If you want me to write a blog because you want to know everything I get up to every day... well, just get to know me better. I'm a prolific email writer and write long emails to my closest friends. My longest email was about 6000 words long. You'll get far more juicy stuff from me via email than I'll ever publish on a web site.

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