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Merry Xmas 1996

Download the zipfile (142KB)

This was a small electronic Christmas card I made for my friends way back in 1996. I was just starting out programming in C and just starting to learn "tracking" (a primitive and highly technical method of writing electronic music that dates back as far as the mid 1980s).

The program is so old it's difficult for me to take a screenshot of it.. basically it shows a Christmas tree with snow falling on it, while a remixed version of Silent Night plays in the background. Then the credits roll at the end, and the music played is the original short version of the namesuppressed song Depend, which I still hope to produce for my third album.

The program should run on any 486 class machine upwards (including Pentiums) with MS-DOS or Windows 95, but I suspect it will run too fast on a Pentium to be readable. I'm still using my 6 year old 486 DX2/66 as my main machine!