NS Newsletter 018: 5 January 2006

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      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 1 8

                           january 5th 2006

[this issue]

      *  perfectly seamless plaid lite 1.10
      *  softener 1.23 released
      *  kodak offers free photoshop plugins
      *  how to use plugin presets
      *  graphics software news
      *  signing off

[perfectly seamless plaid lite 1.10]

fresh for the new year, we've taken the wraps off plaid lite 1.10.
we're excited about this version for a good reason - the brand new
"make seamless" feature.  with a single click, plaid lite will
automatically choose settings that make your image seamless.  no more
complicated settings to memorize.

i've been finding the new feature particularly addictive, and i hope
you will enjoy it too.  with the holidays almost over, hopefully you
can find the time to play with plaid lite and design some new seamless
plaid backgrounds for your website, or make yourself some plaid
email stationary.

plaid lite 1.10 is a free update for all registered plaid lite
customers.  you can download it directly from the website (see the
link below), and there is no need to uninstall your current version.
the new installer should upgrade it for you.

  plaid lite:    https://namesuppressed.com/software/nsplaidlite.exe

[softener 1.23 released]

softener 1.23 is out this week, and fixes a bug that was introduced
in softener 1.20.  if you've had problems with the preview image
not matching the final result, this version should fix it for you.

softener 1.23 is a free update for all registered softener customers.
download the trial version from the link below, and it should upgrade
your current version when you run the installer.

  softener:      https://namesuppressed.com/software/nssoftener.exe

[kodak offers free photoshop plugins]

for the digital photographers using photoshop - kodak is offering a
free copy of one of their photoshop plugins, normally $50 us each.
choose from:

* Digital GEM: reduces image noise and grain
* Digital ROC: for color correction and color balance
* Digital SHO: optimizes image exposure

to get the plugins, you'll need to provide your name and email
address.  you can claim your freebies using the link below.  offer
expires january 31st, 2006. 

  kodak:         http://www.kodak.com/go/ADC2005

[how to use plugin presets]

have you ever been confused by presets?  ever wondered how to use
them with the plugins, but you're not quite sure how?  or have you
wondered what presets are useful for?

we've found that some of our customers have been confused by how
presets work, so we've written a short tutorial about them.  you'll
find out how you can use presets to get inspired, how to use them
to get the effect you want, and how you can save those perfect
settings you find for use later.

got an idea for a tutorial that you'd like to see?  let us know by
sending us an email at the support address!

  preset help:   https://www.namesuppressed.com/support/presets.shtml
  support:       support@namesuppressed.com

[graphics software news]

* shinycore has released a plugin called path styler pro that
  creates shiny bevel effects.

* photoartist is a standalone program to create artworks that look
  like paintings from digital photos.  it retails for about $59 usd.

* perforce has created a plugin that integrates adobe photoshop
  with their revision control system.  now you can manage multiple
  revisions of your work without worrying about losing your work
  or it interfering with your photoshop workflow.

* powerretouche has released a "golden section" plugin, which will
  generate golden ratios and harmonic divisions on your image,
  to help with image composition.  it appears to be a free download.

* want to make your digital photos look like polaroids?  then upload
  them to your website or photobucket.com, and give the online
  polaroid-o-nizer a go!  just need to type in the url of your photo.

  shinycore:     http://www.shinycore.com/
  photoartist:   http://tinyurl.com/b7qcb
  perforce plug: http://tinyurl.com/7guom
  powerretouche: http://powerretouche.com/Divine_proportion_tutorial.htm
  polaroidonize: http://polaroidonizer.5gigs.com/index.php

[signing off]

it's 2006 already!  have you made any new year's resolutions?  or
perhaps you've broken them already?  i'm still choosing mine.

i've been listening to a lot of songs by dave matthews band lately, in
particular a new song called "you might die trying".  despite the title,
it's a song about the things you always wanted to do but never had the
courage to.  the quiet intro and opening lines "to change the world /
start with one step" make it the perfect wake-up alarm - if you have
an mp3 player that you can use as an alarm clock, that is.

wishing you good fortune and all the best for 2006!

           .things you never did cos you might die trying.

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