Another Antisocialite

April 26, 2002

I've been putting off sending out the namesuppressed newsletter for two days now. The problem is my intro - I feel I have to explain why the newsletter is suddenly talking about Photoshop plugins as well as music. The intro I wrote explains it, but it sounded preachy (you can only say so much about "ethical practices" and "standing for your beliefs" before it becomes preachy). After I read this interview with the band Tool in my morning newspaper, I knew I had to rewrite my intro:

"It's not us being individuals and trying to preach or project our characters or our thoughts to other people. That's not what's going to open their minds.... To achieve that you have to take certain steps to be a little more obscure as far as exposing your character completely."
- Justin Chancellor / Tool (The West Australian, 26 Apr 2002)

Now I'm thinking of a new introduction, but my muse is silent... so in the meantime, I'm adding my website to some search engines via SelfPromotion. It's a nifty site that adds your pages to websites automatically - but does it in a clever and ethical manner (no spam here). In the process, I discovered a search engine called Xoron, and for fun I entered some namesuppressed keywords to see what would come up.

Okay, so I'm not the first to come up with the term Antisocialite (was I ever entitled to think that?). But I'm somewhat reassured by the other Antisocialite entries I found on Xoron. Independent Thought Alarm caught my eye. It's such a great name, so it's a shame the site doesn't live up to it. It appears to be some kind of zine for anarchist-punk thinkers, but links are broken, the spelling is awful, and they pigeonhole people from the outset: "We could use: a LaRouche democrat, a follower of an eastern religion, someone w/ multiple facial piercings, a new token dissenter". (Disagree with me? You can post your comments below...) I'm still curious about them though, at least they're doing something. They have some good quotes on their page too, especially the one by ee cummings.

More inspiring was a band called Forced Anger who also have a song called Antisocialite which you can download as an MP3. I can sympathise with much of its sentiment, though some of the lyrics make me cringe - there's gotta be a better line then "Mouths are open turds fall out" (but then, this is late 80s punk). But I was really impressed when I read the interview with the band members, especially their take on punk:

"I don't think it's a style of music. I think it's what you're willing to stick with. We can follow any formula, or be like a cover band, but that's not what's important. It's believing in what you do and not selling out. We're sticking to our guns, and we believe in it."
- Darrin Katamay / Forced Anger

That's what I like to hear. namesuppressed doesn't have to be just music, or even music & software for that matter. I want to use my talent and skills to earn a living without selling out to unethical practices. I want to help others do what they believe in too. I still believe that's possible.

I'm ready to write that intro now.