suppressed audio
Theme From Fingers (unreleased)
dark and moody soundtrack to the short film by matt parker. nominated in the film score category of WAM Song Of The Year 2003.
Antisocialite (unreleased)
distorted vocals, grungy guitar, dark bass riffs
Getdown (unreleased)
rave/techno with gabber and melodic twists
Hockey Mad (from the Rubicon album)
oldskool rap with a Prodigy breakbeat
Endless Green (from the Rubicon album)
post-modern grunge / thrash hatred

Impulse Tracker plugin 0.1.0

A plugin for Cool Edit that lets you load, edit and save Impulse Tracker samples. You can even edit sample loop points from within Cool Edit. Works with Cool Edit 96/2000/Pro.

Win95/98/NT (0.1MB)