Theme From Fingers
Music: K. Ikin
Suppression Studio, 2000
©2000 Kohan Ikin

About The Track
"Theme from Fingers" formed the entire soundtrack for the short film "Fingers", produced by Matt Parker, Simon Wright and April Sims, and entered in the Nescafe Short Film Awards. The soundtrack was written over a period of 4 days in July 2000, spent in a darkened studio with just my recording gear and a copy of the Quicktime video file.

The track itself is a very dark and moody piece, mixing ethereal synthesizers, grungy guitars, vinyl breakbeats, detuned telephony and esoteric samples.

I drew much of my inspiration from the album Original Soundtracks 1 by Passengers, especially the tracks "Always Forever Now" and "One Minute Warning". The album inspired the weird tapping sounds that appear throughout the track - which, incidentally, are just slowed down samples of myself tapping a coffee mug.

Synchronisation of the sound with the film visuals was done by trial and error, since the Quicktime video file I was given didn't play well on my poor 486 computer. I made an estimate of the times of scene changes from the video file, then wrote the track to correspond with those times. Luckily the audio track managed to match the video footage correctly.

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