Song Review of Get Down And Rave
20th Oct 1998
By Roncli

Overall Impression: A rave that keeps you interested in it, something not heard of too often! An excellent composition and well timed vocal samples put this one ahead of the scene.   8/10

Creativity: Haven't heard a rave quite like this before. There are definate good points to the song as you listen to it.   8/10

Artistic License: A good sound for this type of music. Definately a change from the normal in this genre.   8/10

Arrangement: A rave, almost of gabber essence at times, put together nicely. Not extremely repetitive at all. The piano part is an excellent lull in the music. A nice composition, changing up often enough to be interesting through to the end.   8/10

Sample Quality: It sounded as if there was noise in some of the samples, but otherwise, the samples were nice.   7/10

Does It Work as a Piece of Music: Well put together with an excellent sound. Nicely done! Just need to clean up one or two samples.

Roncli is a staff reviewer for Trax In Space.

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