In This School
Lyrics/Music: P. Ridden
Remix: K. Ikin
Recorded at TEK Studios, 1997
Sound recording ©1997 Kohan Ikin


In this school lives the spirit of service
Serving one another with all that we can be
In this school lives the spirit of community
Growing close together like a family

In this school lives the spirit of caring
Care for one another in everything we do
In this school lives the spirit of God
Influencing everything we think and we do

And may God bless you always
And may you know the love of friends
And may we serve God always
As we go on 'til our days here end

About The Track
In This School was written by Phil Ridden, the principal of the primary school at St. Stephen's School. It is the unofficial school song, with quite a nice melody. I decided it would be fun to try and do a remix of it, to popularise it snd see how it would turn out.

I wasn't all that happy with my vocals in the original takes, so I decided to try and beef the sound out a bit more using some sort of external help; so I put the microphone in the shower, shut the shower door and recorded it in there. That was just one of our super sophisticated methods of improving the sound - we also had a piece of styrofoam with holes through it in front of the microphone to stop "pops and plosives" from getting onto the tape.

This was probably the first song written specifically with the Rubicon album in mind, and as such I have a soft spot for it in my heart (ahhh!). I love the guitar bits that sporadically appear in the tune, and I think the drum track is still the best I have written for a song as it fits the song, unlike in some of my other attempts.

Alas, the fact that it was written so early on shows. The instrument samples weren't correctly tuned, and so while I transcribed the notes correctly into my software, they played back in a completely different key - and I was so tone deaf I didn't even realize. Phil has heard the track and he's very polite about it, but I think he was kinda shocked by just how hideously offkey it is.

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