Jonestown Revisited
Lyrics/Music: K. Ikin
Recorded at St Stephen's School, 1994
©1994-1997 Kohan Ikin


You've been there once
You won't go twice
There's no escape from this

He says believe in me
So you believe in him
May God have mercy on your soul
He's done you in

"Drink your lemonade
Drink your cyanide
Then we all fall down
One by one, dignified"

You learnt to shoot today
"How Christian is this?" you say
He says "Why on earth do you care?
You learnt to kill today"

FBI stormed in today
"Abuse of human rights" they say
Jones he says "Do them in
We're going down anyway"

"Drink your lemonade
Drink your cyanide
Then we all fall down
One by one, dignified"

Jones went to hell today
You followed suit today
Killed a Fed yesterday
You paid for it today

About The Track
Jonestown Revisited was written for two separate school assignments - the first was for a contemporary music class that was being trialled (and was subsequently dropped due to the bad behaviour of our class). As a part of the course, we had to analyse the song Tupelo by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and based on the techniques we had found from our analysis we had to write a song about a disaster. Most of the class did songs about natural disasters (volcanoes, cyclones etc.) I wanted to do something different, and I chose the Jonestown massacre... just to be different. It also gave me a chance to try growling vocals, something I hadn't tried before.

It was also used later in the same year (1994) as part of my Year 9 Music class in PAVE (Personal and Vocational Education). We had complete choice over what we wrote about, and in my group we decided to do a version of Jonestown Revisited.

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