Last Day
Music: K. Ikin
Recorded at TEK Studios, 1997
©1997 Kohan Ikin

About The Track
I don't really remember what inspired me to write this, other than that I wanted to write something different. I didn't want to go for an angry sound, or a happy sounding piece either. Instead, I set out to convey a feeling that was more resigned, with a tinge of contemplative sadness. Above all, I wanted to convey something that was more private, more personal than in my other tracks.

Last Day was the first song of mine to use samples by Bjorn "Dr. Awesome" Lynne. I had just received confirmation that I had been given permission to use them, and when I found myself writing the song, I searched through his samples to find the sounds I was after. The actual recording was simple; the Gravis Ultrasound Classic soundcard on my 486DX2/66 was connected directly to a Bang & Olufsen tapecorder borrowed from Simon Wright (who assisted with the recording).

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