Today, In Unison (Remix)
Music: K. Ikin
Recorded at TEK Studios, 1997
©1997 Kohan Ikin

About The Track
With the original Today, In Unison I felt I was trying to control the song too much. From its original beginning as a pop song that ran for less than two minutes I had tried to add too much to it. The one minute ambient intro was a major pain, never sounding exactly how I wanted it, and I felt the song was either going to be too short, too repetitive, or that all the ideas just wouldn't fit together. I decided to try and write the whole thing from scratch, taking only the basic bass/guitar riffs, and using a few different instruments.

The result is something much closer to the original idea I had for the song, with a nice slow interlude in between (one of the first ones I had tried to write).

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