Wake In A Fit Of Nanga Tourette's
Lyrics/Music: K. Ikin
Recorded at TEK Studios, 1997
©1997 Kohan Ikin


I don't want to go, please don't make me
I can't swim, the raft splits in two
I really do not want a wedgie
I can't sing "In the Name of Love"

Please don't think I'm gay but I'm not a perve
They just want to stare at the pretty girls...

Earl stacks it riding on his bike
Our leaders think they're all the rage
And Dawes-Smith says nobody move
We all sing like fools on the stage

Go hiking for an age and get lost at night
Make a friendship band, that would be right

I don't want to go, don't want to go, no
I don't want to go, don't want to go, no
I don't want to go, don't want to go, no
No, no, don't want to go

About The Track
By the time I was in Year 10 (1995), it had become a tradition for me to write a song about the camp we had been on and perform it on the last night. This time, I decided to have a go at the people who had spent their whole time listening to alternative grunge and britpop in a corner. I couldn't think of an original tune, so I just took the ideas I had from a song I'd written before and put them into this one (hey, who was going to know?). The lyrics simply poke fun at the teachers and leaders on camp and the various activities we did.

I had a lot of fun performing this one, even though I had no musical backing. I remembered a Nirvana concert in Spain where Kurt Cobain had pretended to collapse on stage and after a long delay struggled up again to the roar of the crowd. I decided to try the same thing, screaming into the microphone and trying to get feedback through the speakers, finally falling in a heap on the ground. Surprisingly, everyone went wild, though it sparked someone to ask me "Why do you always die at the end of your songs?"

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