SyneRyder - journal


18th May 1999
In bed, Perth

2 against 1
you're outvoted, my friend
she says I'm fine and
he says I need it
throwing myself at
mundane experience
it's experience you want
it's what I don't have

'cos they won't take
and I won't find
and I don't mind
if they're so fake

can't get down
can't get down
can't get down
do i really want down?

spin - spin - spin

pollute it, yeah
breathe me
faster, yeah
taste me

desecrate violate
suffocate emulate

not this me


I'm not about to say very much about this, other than that it came about after some "friends" tried pushing me into something I didn't want to do... but I stuck to my guns and didn't do it, and I'm glad that I didn't. I'll leave any further deconstruction to you. Interpret as you will.