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Appreciated Sincerity

25th July 1999, 7:11pm

It's birthday time again.

This year I almost managed to keep my birthday a secret. I got through the whole day without even hinting to anyone that it was my birthday. It's only after the event that people are starting to remember, and now some of them seem to feel a bit guilty about having missed it. I wish they didn't feel that way about it.

19th birthday cards

My birthday had a perfect start to it. I stayed up late the night before and chatted with friends on IRC. One of my close friends was leaving to go on holidays that day, so I spent a lot of time talking to her before she left. We both had our eye on the time, and as soon as it ticked over to midnight we had a mini birthday celebration. There's something really special about seeing in the start of a new day with a close friend.

It was a regular day in most respects, for instance I still had to attend my University lectures. There were some things that set the day apart though - the neighbours came around and gave me a birthday card and a present. They stayed for a little while and we all talked, which was quite cool. A bit after they left I got a birthday phone call from my relatives. Later that night my parents gave me a birthday present.

Another birthday card

So, what did I get for my birthday? Well... I think I'll keep that a bit of a secret. Why? Because I really dislike how it's now taken for granted that everyone gets presents for their birthday. I don't like making people feel pressured to mark the occasion, or even to remember it. I don't see why people should feel guilty for forgetting the day, or why they should feel compelled to buy me a present.

The present I appreciated the most this year was a virtual hug and a happy birthday wish from my friend.